• TUTORIAL: Vibration system analysis using ABAQUS/CAE FEM simulation


Resonance Modes

Dynamic Analysis

Frequency Response

  • Vibration system analysis using ABAQUS/CAE FEM simulation

Mode identification

Simple dynamic analysis

Contact dynamic analysis

Top and Bottom Contact

  • Final report for "Energy Systems Modeling" graduate course

  • Final report for "Optimization Theory" graduate course

Designing a triboelectric generator using linear optimization (pdf)

      1. Problem Statement

      2. Problem Formulation

      3. Primal Form and Solution by Simplex Tableau Method

      4. Dual Form and Solution by Two-Phase Simplex Tableau Method

      5. Solving Computationally using MATLAB

  • Final report for "VLSI Systems Design" graduate course

Digital Power Management System for Multi-Input Energy Harvesting Autonomous Devices (pdf)

      1. Introduction

      2. Behavioral Synthesis

      3. Functional Simulation

      4. Logic Synthesis

      5. Pre-Layout Simulation

      6. Pad Insertion

      7. Verilog Code

  • Final project for "Mechanical Vibrations" undergraduate course

Wave oscillations using uncoupled pendulums (pdf)

      1. Building the Structure

      2. Equations of Motion

      3. MATLAB Simulation