Dispensary SEO

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Search Engine Optimization for marijuana dispensaries or dispensary SEO is a powerful marketing strategy that your cannabis dispensary can use in order to drive organic traffic to your website through searches that are done on search engines. This brings visibility to your website that it would not have otherwise. Search engines are the way that most people find dispensaries. If you are not able to be found on a search engine, then your customers won’t be able to find you. By improving the visibility that you have on a search engine, you will enable your dispensary to attract more paying customers.

Dispensary SEO

Ranking in a search can make or break an entire marketing strategy for a dispensary. If you don’t rank high on a search engine and aren’t found quickly in a search, the customers won’t come. Folks do things at record speed. When they look for something, they want to find it now. After they find it, they go to the website and the reviews. If you aren’t in their line of sight, they move on to the next search or to one of your competitors.

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Google My Business

This is a free set-up which gets your dispensary’s name on the Google search and on the maps when the user asks for dispensaries that are in their local area. When it comes up, it will offer the dispensary name, website information, contact, photos, reviews, hours, and any other information that you want to relay. This is a relevant piece of the marketing scheme for your dispensary. Google is where everyone goes to do their searches and this will add a sense of legitimacy to your dispensary.


Your website is the place that the audience will come after they pull you up in the search engine. They are going to be looking for some interesting content. This is where you can wow them with information and even send them on to a video or a webinar that they can check out to answer any questions or inquiries they may have about marijuana’s benefits. Provide them with lots of engaging facts that they are not going to find with any other platform. This will make them want to come check out your dispensary.

Reputation Management

Have folks who have visited your dispensary write up testimonials about the experience they had with you, the budtenders, the products and put them on the website. These blurbs will be crucial to people who have come onto the website to get an idea of what your dispensary is all about and see what you may have to offer them. If they see a lot of people who have had positive experiences, this will drive them to your dispensary.


Get your dispensary listed on directories both dispensary directories and regular business directories. Having your website listed on a reputable website adds positively to your reputation and it increases the traffic to your site based on how much traffic their sites are generating. Some good business directories to be included on are Yelp or Yellow Pages and dispensary directories include Weedmaps and Leafly.


Once you have your dispensary ranking high on the search engines and folks are checking out your website and reviews, they’ll start flocking into your dispensary if everything is positive and well presented. The next essential bit is once they get there. The brand needs to continue to be optimally endorsed with knowledgeable, courteous staff and well displayed, diverse products. You need to live up to what you are telling people with the marketing that you’re providing online. Don’t be a disappointment once they get there because word of mouth is the worst marketing you can have when it’s negative. Always represent your brand in the best possible light.

Dispensary SEO KWs - 778-819-1894