The Simple Guide To Activate Discovery Go On Roku Using

Watch Discovery Go on Roku

For all those minds who is hungry with the thirst for knowledge, who is etching to know about the what’s, how’s, whys and when’s, for the people to know about our culture and realize the common goal we share as our species, there is this one-stop destination which lets you take that bus – Discovery Go. It consists of various shows which broaden your view about the world as a whole and lets you experience things which are a bit far from our reach. There are many shows for children that trigger their curiosity which is very essential for securing the future. It is available on various platforms which makes it accessible by almost everyone.

The Discovery Go subscription also includes Animal Planet, TLC, Velocity, Discovery life, Destination America, American heroes, Investigation Discovery and a lot more. Visit to activate your channel and never miss out on the shows which push mankind.

Steps to Install Discovery Channel on Firestick

Step 1: Initially Plug-in Firestick to the HDMI port of the TV.

Step 2: Turn on the Amazon Firestick and click the Search icon on the Home screen.

Step 3: Search for Discovery Go app using on-screen keyboard.

Step 4: Select it and click on Get icon to download the app.

Step 5: Finally, click on Open icon to launch and start using the application.

Steps to Activate Discovery Channel on Firestick

tep 1: Open the Discovery Go app on Firestick and it shows an activation code.

Step 2: Then, go to on your smartphone or PC.

Step 3: Enter the code in the box and click ACTIVATE!

How To Activate Discovery Go On Roku

Discovery Go is available on Roku which is one of the popular platforms available in the U.S. follow the steps below to Roku.

  • Load up your Roku device.

  • Allow the device to update if there are any.

  • After the update, your device will restart.

  • Now at the home page type “Discovery Go” on the search bar.

  • You can also use the dedicated search button on the remote to search.

  • It will load up a few results.

  • Select “Discovery GO” among the list of results.

  • Now click on the “Add channel” tab.

  • Now the channel will start to download.

There is a catch here though. Adding the discovery channel on Roku is free of cost, but you can view or stream the shows only by using an active TV provider or a cable provider. It requires you to spend a few bucks to activate the channel. Follow the steps below to sign in to your TV provider’s account.

  • Select the cable TV provider from the list of providers available on Roku.

  • Now use your login credentials to sign-in to your TV provider.

  • Now Roku will load a list of channels from your TV provider with an indication of the TV provider.

  • You can always create an account with a new TV provider if you don’t have one.

  • You can pay through your credit card or PayPal.

  • Make sure you select the TV provider which is most viable to your service area.

Now, with your TV provider’s credentials:

  • Now open the discovery go channel from the list of channels.

  • Make note of the activation code that is displayed on the TV screen.

  • Use your TV provider’s credentials to sign in to the account.

  • There will be an activation code on the screen.

  • Note down the activation code.

  • The activation code is case sensitive and should be copied exactly as it is displayed.

As the final step,

  • Open your browser.

  • Type

  • There will be a box that says “enter the capitalized code“.

  • Enter the activation code in the box and click the “Activate” tab.

  • Wait for a couple of seconds for the channel to activate.

  • Now you can find Discovery Go on your list of channels.

  • You are all set to rock now.

You can also watch Discovery Go on Netflix, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

How Can I Watch Discovery Go Without Cable?

Now some of the customers have this question, “Can I watch Discovery Go without cable?”

The answer is YES, you can. The following are some of the ways you can enjoy Discovery Go.


  • Philo TV on Roku

  • Sling TV

  • YouTube TV

The cheapest package starts at $20/month on Philo TV and goes up to $49.99/month on HULU TV. There is always the option of buying the videos on the official website. The Discovery Go app is available on almost various platforms. All you need to do is to download the Discovery Go app on mobile and start streaming the shows. However, it will require signing in using any paid-TV credentials like HULU TV, Philo TV, etc.

For further assistance or clarification regarding, do not hesitate to contact our customer support or visit who is more than happy to help you with the situation.

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