Diversity & Inclusion in Physics @ Penn

The Diversity & Inclusion @ Penn group strives to make the physics community more inclusive and welcoming to all people, starting with our own Department of Physics and Astronomy. We aim to teach awareness of the lack of diversity in physics and the forms of discrimination that are often faced by minorities in STEM fields. We also aim to create a community in the department that can provide support for those who may encounter these issues. Visit our Facebook page for more information!

We work to accomplish our goals in the following ways:

  1. Establish a solid community through monthly lunches during which we have open discussions about department issues pertinent to DIP and additionally plan future events and reading groups
  2. Host a speaker once a semester to give a talk about issues related to diversity and inclusion in physics and/or STEM - these talks are to be held in the Physics & Astronomy department, but are open to all Penn students
  3. Hold reading groups to educate ourselves about the diverse forms of discrimination faced by minorities in STEM - material includes journal articles that quantify these issues and personal accounts written by current or former scientists
  4. Develop and maintain a presentation that serves to inform incoming students of the issues often faced by minorities in STEM and the importance of a diverse and inclusive environment
  5. Build “safe spaces” - meetings where students can openly discuss issues within the department that may be personal - this setting applies to reading groups and project-oriented meetings