I am a Second year masters student at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Automotive Electronics branch and also as a research assistant at Computational Engineering and Networking (CEN). I am working with the Cybersecurity-Lab-at-CEN and Computational Thinking-Lab-at-CEN and student of Prof. Soman KP . My research areas are Robotics, Autonomous vehicles, Machine Learning, Data mining,Deep learning, Reinforcement Learning, Causal inference,Cyber Security,Non linear dynamics, Convex optimisation, Natural language processing,Signal and Image processing, .

I strongly believe in open science and reproducible research and actively publish code on my Github profile.

I am Available on the job market!!


  • September 2018 organizing CAN Intrusion Detection Shared Task CANID 2018
  • September 2018 shortlisted for IICDC 2018 Hackathon by Indian Government
  • July 2018 Secured 2nd place in DMD 2018 shared task in Cybersecurity domain. More details available at DMD2018
  • July 2018 Registered for IECSIL 2018 Shared Task at IECSIL 2018.
  • July 2018 Registered for Multi-target speaker detection and identification Challenge Evaluation Shared Task at MCE 2018.
  • July 2018 Registered for NIPS 2018: AI for Prosthetics Challenge at AI for Prosthetics Challenge 2018.

Journal Papers

A Brief Survey on Autonomous Vehicle Possible Attacks,Exploits and Vulnerabilities

Amara Dinesh Kumar,Vinayakumar R, Soman KP

Special Issue on the Emergence of Humanistic Digital Data in Informatics -ICT-Express

[under Review]

DeepImageSpam: Deep Learning based Image Spam Detection

Amara Dinesh Kumar,Vinayakumar R, Soman KP

Special Issue on the Emergence of Humanistic Digital Data in Informatics -ICT-Express

[under Review] [code]

Real Time Character Level Malicious Domain Name Prediction Using Deep Learning

Amara Dinesh Kumar, Harish Thodupunoori, Vinayakumar R, Soman KP

Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science Series(CCIS), ISSN: 1865:0929

[under Review] [code]

Conference Papers

Novel Deep Learning Model for Traffic Sign Detection Using Capsule Networks

Amara Dinesh Kumar

[ paper ] [ code ]

Book Chapters [under review]

Design and Investigation of an Extensible Framework for Malicious Domain Prediction Using Deep Learning Algorithms

Amara Dinesh Kumar, Harish Thodupunoori, Vinayakumar R and Soman KP

AmritaDGA: Data on Detecting Domain Generation Algorithms(DGAs)

Vinayakumar R, Jyotsna, Amara Dinesh Kumar,and Soman KP

Design and Implementation of Real Time Packet Level Controller Area Network (CAN) Intrusion Detection System Using Deep Learning

Amara Dinesh Kumar, Rishish Kumar Naik, Vinayakumar R and Soman KP


July 2017 - Present, in Automotive Electronics, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

CGPA: 8.0 (Till 3rd Semester)

June 2010 - June 2014, in Electronics and Communication , Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad

CGPA: 7.84

Work Experience

Worked as 4G LTE Network Engineer for 2.6 years in Tata Consultancies and Services for Nokia Networks Client.

TCS Experience

Project Name

Nokia Solutions and Networks OY


14-Oct-2014 To 30-Jun-2017




1)Software Development for the Element Management System(EMS) application .

2)To Meet committed P gate schedules and zero escape defects and Zero escalations from customers within Solution Centers On time delivery-100%,CSI Feedback,SLA Compliance .

3)Development of Automation Framework for Test Execution and Result parsing of BT/SV/CP/Performance Test cases.

Technical Skills

Programming languages : C, C++

Scripting : Shell and Expect Scripting

Operating Systems : Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Networking : TCP/IP, VLANS, SNMP,ACL

Linux tools : AWK, SED Bash, Perl


1) Performed Development for R11 and R12 releases of EMS software for the KDDI client and received best team award.

2)Performed development and DIT for 6 features ahead of the schedule and received on the spot award.

3)Received many appreciation mails from the client for delivering software defect free and ahead of the schedule

4)Took initiative to automate all DIT test cases and also received on the spot award for developing DIT AUTOMATION FRAMEWORK and saved 1 million to KDDI client.Wrote more than 5000 lines of bash,expect code.Developed the complete Automation Framework including libraries,supporting functions from the scratch.

Master's Coursework

  • MA607 - Linear Algebra
  • CN613 - Computational optimization theory - linear and non-linear methods
  • CY603 - Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
  • CN703 - Computational Methods for Cryptography
  • CN733 - Neural network & Deep learning
  • CY800 - Research Methodology
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Digital Control System
  • Multi Sensor Data Fusion
  • Probability Graphical Models
  • Sensing For Autonomous Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Architecture
  • Power Electronics and Convertors
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Automotive Embedded Systems
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Cryptography


Languages : C, C++, Java, Scala, Python, Basics of R, Basics of Julia

Scripting Languages : Html, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, Awk,Sed ,Perl , XML

Embedded System Softwares : Matlab, Simulink, CarSim, Canoe, KEIL, Proteus, Arduino Studio

Frameworks : Scikit-learn, LibSVM, TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, , OpenAI Gym, PyTorch, Basics of Caffe, DeepChem, DragoNN, Weka

Database : MySQL, Introduction to Oracle

Documentation Tools : LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, and Latex

Participated the following events in the department of Computational Engineering and Networking, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham