Dimitri Coelho Mollo

Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
Umeå University

Focus area coordinator of TAIGA - Centre for Transdisciplinary AI, Umeå University &

external PI at the Excellence Cluster Science of Intelligence, Berlin

My main areas of research are Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Philosophy of Science. I am also interested in the ethics of current and future use of AI systems, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Mind, and Philosophy of Climate Science.

My main focus is on foundational and epistemological issues in Artificial Intelligence and the cognitive sciences, regarding, among others, the concepts of representation, computation, and intelligence.

Questions that I have been tackling include:

  • What are the best theories of representation and computation for the study of cognition and intelligence?

  • Can we account for cognitive representation and computation in a scientifically-acceptable, mind-independent way? Do we actually need to?

  • What roles do abstraction and idealisation play in our models of animal and artificial intelligence?

  • What internal and external capacities and structures are required for intelligent behaviour?

  • How should we characterise intelligent behaviour to start with?

I make use of tools and results from philosophy and science in trying to answer these and related questions.

I have also a strong interest in scientific and philosophical communication and public engagement initiatives. I was a founding member of the science communication project "CollActive Materials", a collaboration between the Clusters of Excellence Science of Intelligence and Matters of Activity, funded by the Berlin University Alliance, and I am one of the founding editors of the Science of Intelligence Podcast (in production).