Digital Technologies for Resilience Inventory

This inventory was primarily populated through a crowdsourced call for submissions that took place in March 2017. It contains more than 100 entries of technologies that are being used to enhance the resilience of individuals, families, communities, businesses, and/or governments. Although the focus of this call was for digital technologies from Asia, some of the submissions are from outside of Asia as well.

Given the crowdsourced nature of this inventory, responsibility for the accuracy of the content rests solely with the individuals who made submissions. Inclusion in this inventory is by no means an endorsement by the Rockefeller Foundation or FHI 360. Check out the Tools page for a due diligence tool and questionnaire that may be of use in helping you do further due diligence.

The version of the inventory on the left is a Google Sheet and it includes all entries, including those from outside of Asia. The version on the right is a PDF document and only includes entries that have been deployed in Asia-Pacific.

If you are interested in having your digital technology added to the Google Sheet version, email us.