Level 1

This breakout is built to help get you started on your own breakout and guide you through our process as we created these puzzles. There are 4 puzzles on each level (currently we have 3 levels) and after you experience the puzzle yourself, you have an option to either view tutorials and collect resources, or continue on through the puzzle to explore more.

Feel free to stop at any time and begin building your own breakout. We also encourage you to share this breakout with students and teachers so that they can get some ideas and begin creating too!

Joining us for our live Breakout Lab is a great place to get face-to-face tips, start building your next Digital Breakout, and ask questions about how we built this (and other) Digital Breakouts.

If you are unable to join us for a live session or have questions later, connect with us on Twitter, check out our Podcast, or visit us at our home on the web!

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