About Me

Hello, I'm Michael Eilermann. I've been networking for a long time. I've always tried to make things a little easier and perhaps a little quicker. I realized that more people would be sharing and referring one another if they knew how and what to say. I set out to fix that.

What I came up with, are the simple cards you see on the home page. All cards are unique, with working links to go where ever you want people to learn more about you. This is what your clients and networking partners need to better share and refer you, spontaneously from their phone.

These can be shared by text or by email, you decide. They won't break the bank. No App required, and they can be stored and shared on your phone or preferrably, on most any online storage. I particularly like Google Drive and Dropbox. Just click your respective share button, and your phone pretty much tells you what to do.

I really hope you like them.

Some Other Things That I Do

Elevator Speech Video's and Audio's

Testimonial Videos (Can provide online portal for you)

Collaborative Marketing Program

Atlanta Networkers

G6ten Christian Collaboration & Resource Center

Incredibly Simple Second Incomes