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Become a true Care Designer!!

Dien Chan is an instrument, learn to compose the music you want.

The International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan (ISMDC) has been in operation since 2002, with its teachers reaching worldwide.

The School has taught thousands of students the art known as Dien Chan.

All facial reflexology's are inspired by Dien Chan and proposes only one facet of the technique.
But the ISMDC team strongly believes that you can become a care designer.

This is why it is more profitable to learn the original method, to be able to customize your approach and to adapt it precisely to each client.


◾︎ Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà, founder of the school, wrote the manuals in several languages and offers the royalties of the French version (called «ABC du Dien Chan», Edt. Grancher, Paris) to Pr Bùi Quôc Châu to thank him for the decade of sharing his knowledge and passion.

Year after year, Patryck invited Professor Châu and one of his sons (therapists at the Vietydao Center) to continue disseminating the technique until it was ready to share with the masses. Thankfully, you can now find many variations of facial reflexology.

Now he is president of the ISMDC (called EiMDC in Europe) and continues his work between Barcelona and France, with the original method he learned from Professor Bùi Quôc Châu.

As part of his passion for developing and promoting the technique, Patryck collects and integrates the accumulated experience of the trainers and therapists of the «Club Dien Chan International», leading a growing community built on a living, evolving therapy.

◾︎ Erica Weiland proudly represents the original method of facial reflexology - Dien Chan.

She leads the educational program and undertook the important task of structuring the teaching material in collaboration with Patryck Aguilar-Cassarà.

Erica advanced her natural health career by becoming a Registered Reflexology Therapist and is in charge of the North American division of ISMDC based in Canada.

As an experimented teacher and therapist, Erica is also owns and operates two reflexology clinics (Victoria and Calgary). Erica created the "Reflexology School" where she teaches feet reflexology techniques as a RAC-ACR licensed teacher and offers affiliations with other reflexology methods in creating a centralized holistic hub available to all Canadians.

History of the discovery

In 1975, after the Vietnam War, Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu developed a hypothesis that the face reflects all parts of the body; internal, external as well as all its systems. During the 1980s he clinically verified this hypothesis and Multireflexology – Dien Chan was born. Professor Bùi Quôc Châu discovered this modern technique whilst treating people with severe withdrawal symptoms (a byproduct of the war).

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Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu was motivated by the fact that no one can give him a concrete methodology to explain acupuncture points and meridians.

His studies in traditional Chinese medicine and his interest for Dr. William Fitzgerald's work on the body's energy divisions encouraged him to continue his clinical observations. He then realises that his fixed points describe diagrams of reflection on the face and body without knowing the works of Eunice Ingham, but being fascinated by the auriculotherapy of Dr. Nogier.

Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu then discovers that the activation of bqc·points is not always suitable for all cases.

He finds that more invasive treatments (needles, burns, etc.) trigger an opposite reaction and cause our defence system and therefore stress.

He then experiments by exerting stimulation with various textures, without pain or damaging the skin.

His passion for achieving the balance between yin and yang lead him towards the creation of delicate multireflex tools that invoke our brain without aggressiveness to the skin.

What is Dien Chan?

You might have already seen the foot reflexology chart. However, unlike classical reflexology, Dien Chan proposes a set of reflection diagrams with specific points on the face to compose a multireflexology network. These diagrams breakdown different aspects of the body to help you see even smaller and more finite reflexes offered by our face.

This multi-dimensional approach allows us to create even more precise and customizable treatments.
We combine stimulations with yin and yang effects on the different reflex zones as well as detection of precise facial points.

Many disorders are caused by blockages interrupting the natural movements of blood, lymph and energy in general. The fact that we are working on the face —so close to the brain, explains why we succeed so fast and profound results.

Dien Chan is an efficient way to manage a lot of imbalances, creating proper energy flow throughout all organs and the entire body.

A natural method, compatible with all medicines!

Natural aesthetic and holistic wellness

As explained above, Dien Chan treatments combine many diagrams of reflection and formulas composed by bqc·points.

Using specially designed multireflex tools, we manage to generate yin or yang effects, according to the issue we are dealing with.


With almost 20 years experience, the skin improvements observed from regular Dien Chan sessions were remarkable.


The yin and yang effects of the multireflex tools with highly effective gestures produce visible enhancements to get rid of skin imperfections.

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Chan❜beauté was naturally born from those observations after years of treating patients and sharing results with professionals that have already incorporated Dien Chan into their practice.

Our research department decided in 2006 to compile all those results into protocols dedicated to natural aesthetics. We call this new modern technique Chan❜beauté because we want to focus on the therapeutic dimension of all the procedures.

Knowing that the «chan» concept from «Dien Chan» means diagnostic and treatment at the same time, we eloquently added the glamorous word «beauté» (beauty in French) to obtain Chan❜beauté!

Chan❜beauté invites you to reach the root cause and to rebalance the origin of the imperfection expressed on the skin.

Chan❜beauté is now breaking the boundaries of modern aesthetic.

Learning to accomplish yin or yang stimulation will allow you to enrich your designed treatments exponentially.


Facial Reflexology for Professionals

The ISMDC Certification Program is divided into several clear and sequential steps.

The pathway always starts with Module One | Reflex Program.

Following in sequential order, you would then attend ▸ Module Two | Pro Program followed by ▸ Module Three | Clinic Program then enter into your ▸ Mastership program where we partner you up with a mentor to discover new pathways in Dien Chan.

You complete each program before moving onto the next one.

The Reflex program «Reflex Beauté» is a pre-requisite for attending Pro Program «Pro Beauté» and Pro Program is a pre-requisite for attending Clinic Program «Clinic».

Upon the successful completion of Module Three | Pro Program, you have graduated from our certified facial reflexologist program and qualified to offer reflexology services in addition to your current professional designation.

If you are looking to start a brand new profession in the healing art of reflexology, you will need additional reflexology education. These hours vary depending on your respective location and are required for licensing and/or registration. Please refer to our list of qualified schools (TBA).

  • Have you taken previous facial reflexology training? We are accepting applications from all Facial Reflexology Programs. Please email for application.

The facial reflexology certification program from the International School of Multireflexology Dien Chan is for professionals.

It is based on the original method developed by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, using the best training practices evolved by the top Dien Chan experts over the course of 20+ years. It is based on training materials developed by some of the most-respected authorities in the field of natural medicine.

Who takes our professional training?

  • Complimentary health care professions such as reflexology therapist, massage therapist, sound therapist, colour therapist, EFT Practitioner, acupuncturist, yoga instructors, nutritionists, naturopaths etc.

  • Cosmetology professions such as aesthetician, makeup artist, spa director, resort spa etc.

Module One | Reflex Program:Foundations of Dien Chan + Chan'beauté

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Prerequisite: none

Module One | Reflex Program can be taken in a couple of ways depending on your current needs.

You always begin by taking the 10 hour Facial Reflexology Intro Course . You then take our live-in person professional training. We offer these in different locations in the US and Canada

Module One | Reflex Program = Courses One and Two | see pricing in Tuition & Fees | 32 hours total

Option 1 (On-Demand course)

Take the Introduction to Facial Reflexology | 10hr (course one). You learn the basics of Dien Chan and Chan'beauté with an introduction to yin and yang, multiple diagrams and facial diagnostics for the professional. This will not qualify you to be a practitioner. You can enrol in the complete Module when you are ready to complete the Reflex training.

Option 2 (On-Demand + Live Practical)

Register for the Module One | (course one + two). This will provide everything you need to incorporate facial reflexology into your current profession or learn new ways to add value to your current book of services. You will still take the Introduction to Facial Reflexology | 10hr , but the price of the class will be reimbursed as it is included in the bundled price.

Course Syllabus

◾︎ 10 hour (Course One)

✔︎ What you can expect to learn: Introduction to Facial Reflexology

  • The Origins of Dien Chan: The history of Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu’s discovery of Dien Chan.

  • Inspirations and Theory: Specific philosophy's behind the original method of facial reflexology.

  • Skin care and face reflexology, Chan’beauté: Understand the relationship between skin health and overall wellness. Understand the effects that may be caused by invasive aesthetic surgical procedures and how to obtain results with natural, gentle Chan’beauté treatments.

  • The main Chan’beauté diagrams: How to interpret the facial diagrams of multireflexology – Dien Chan for aesthetic purposes in order to reach the origin of a disorder. For example, furrows between the eyes, wrinkles, scars, marks or spots, etc.

  • Diagram Projection: Discover how to project the major diagrams and maps on any face. Analyze how to use the diagrams (yin-yang or Penfield) depending on the client’s issue.

  • Diagram Use: How to effectively utilize the many reflexology diagrams by properly reflecting them on the face therefore being able to do proper facial diagnostics.

  • Understand the Dien Chan language: Being able to translate your own concerns into the terminology necessary to benefit from both TCM and Western studies for a complete treatment.

  • Using the Yang~yin prelude: Applying the concepts of yin and yang to reduce the visibility of scars, fine lines and acne.

◾︎ 22 hour Facial Reflexology Professional Training | In-Person (Course Two)

✔︎ What you can expect to learn: Client Care Basics + Treatment Room Essentials

  • Integrate the 8 principles of treatment guidelines in Dien Chan: Understand how these fundamental principles (which are based on the idea that no one rule governs pain or illness) can create a pathway to address a client’s condition. Observe new ways to use the diagrams and maps in order to find solutions for the condition being treated.

  • Understand the Dien Chan language: Further our discussion around being able to translate your client’s concerns into the terminology necessary to benefit from both TCM and Western practices for a complete treatment.

  • Stimulation technique: Learn the most effective and technically correct form of the ‘detection’ technique with the multireflex tools for client comfort, therapeutic relief and credible diagnostics. Learn stimulation techniques including guided hands-on practice with the multireflex tools.

  • In-class practice of delivery: Yang Yin Protocol will be applied in a professional setting. Transforming + unique Chan’beauté aesthetic techniques for ultimate results by treating the origins of imperfection that are visible on the face or skin. Use the multireflex tools to learn the practical method to perform specific Chan’beauté aesthetic techniques and protocols.

    • Several essential protocols:

      • Discover how to fade hyperpigmentation, skin spots and treat moles.

      • Incorporate how to treat new and old scars to recover the elasticity of the skin and fade keloids (thickened, raised marks formed from scar tissue). Including a body treatment for Cesarean scars.

      • Learn the importance of reconstructing the area to recover the energy flow interrupted by a scar.

      • Understand how emotional stress, caused when the scar occurred, may make it hard for a client and a gentle approach is needed.

  • 12 morning massages: We will break down a simple method to tone the body, for use by both therapist and client. Learn how to incorporate them into everyday life.

Module Two | Professional Program:
Mapping bqc·points + Advanced Client Care

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Pre-requisite: Module One | Reflex Program Course 1 & 2

While the theoretical information about Multireflexology - Dien Chan is available in resource books and online, the live course is essential for those interested in this health technique as it provides the hands-on instruction, necessary to understand and implement the subtleties of Dien Chan. Thus enabling you, the practitioner, to implement Dien Chan formulas for your clients and enrich the quality of treatments you can offer.

Module Two | Pro Program = 25 hours total |see pricing in Tuition & Fees

Course Syllabus

  • The map of Dien Chan: Comprehensive study of the facial reflex map and all the bqc·points. Origins, history and informative anecdotes that led Professor Bùi Quôc Châu to establish Dien Chan.

  • How to use the map: Learn how to find precise bqc·points and the detection techniques with the tools.

  • How to stimulate the bqc·points: Learn the stimulation techniques and understand how to adapt stimulation techniques to any skin type.

  • The philosophy of “Tuy”: The idea that therapy always depends on the situation, symptoms and the individual client. How to apply relativism in the practice of Dien Chan. How to combine all of the techniques, for the practitioner to become a “composer of protocols” and offer effective treatments.

  • The yin and yang concepts: Learn to apply the yin and yang concepts to facial reflexology. Concrete examples of how to know if a disease has yin or yang symptoms. Utilize protocols and applications of yin yang, to establish a baseline of where the client’s illness, pain or skin condition is coming from.

  • Choosing the appropriate tools: Advanced comprehension on how to choose the appropriate multireflex tool for treatment and recommendations for client self care.

  • Re-balancing the energy: How to re-balance the flow, channels, and meridians of the body in case of thermal mismatch. For example, how to balance a patient with a yin internal condition and yang external condition.

  • Essential formulas: A deep understanding and study of essential baseline formulas. Decomposition of each formula to explain the presence of each bqc·point used. Learn how to explain why each bqc·point is used in the formula. Learn the basics of working the body to enhance your treatments (meridian lines or body reflexes)

  • Combining diagrams and formulas: Learn to adapt the Dien Chan facial diagrams of therapy and their formulas

  • Learn Essential Protocols: Cellulite Protocol for body and face. Secret of the Empress. Detox Ritual.

Module Three | Clinic Program:
Care Design + Formula Creation Practical

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Prerequisite: Pro Program

*Updated syllabus coming soon.

Module Four | Masters Program:
Chan Formulation Mastership

Prerequisite: Clinic Program

Pair up with a mentor to explore the art of Dien Chan and Chan'beauté.

*updated course details coming soon.

Tuition and Fees + Cancellation Policy

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Module One | Reflex Program (Reflex + Beauté)

▸▸ Option 1 (10 hours)

  • 10 hour Facial Reflexology Intro Course: $395 USD | $475 CAD

        • Includes: Workbook + OnDemand Videos + 3 Piece Kit + Express Care Cards

▸▸ Option 2 (21 hours)

  • Reflex Module Foundations in Dien Chan & Chan'beauté : Complete Reflex Module One $1150 USD | $1275 CAD

  • Includes: Course Manual + OnDemand Videos + In Person + 7 Piece Tool Kit + Express Care Cards + Club Membership 1 year

  • Get reimbursed for 10 hour Facial Reflexology Intro Course when you purchase the full module.

Module Two | Pro Program (Pro + Beauté)

  • Advanced Client Care + Diagram Theory (21 hours) Course Fee: $700 USD | $790 CAD

      • Includes: Course Manual + OnDemand Videos + In Person + Club Membership Renewal 1 Year

        • No tools are included with the cost of this class. Recommended tools for this class include n°101, n°252, n°424, n°430.

Module Three | Clinic Program (Clinic + Evaluation)

  • Care Design + Formula Creation Practical (21 hours) Course Fee: $700 USD | $790 CAD

      • Includes: Course Workbook + Certification + Advanced Reflex Techniques + Club Membership Renewal 1 Year

      • Qualified to enrol in Certified Reflexology Therapist certification (written exam, 50 practical case studies, review sessions + practical exam)

      • Receive ISMDC certification as: Certified Facial Reflexologist

      • Qualify for application to teach with ISMDC

Module Four | Dien Chan 'Mastership Program

  • Mastership Mentor Program and Case Studies (TBA)



$575 of the course fee is non-refundable. (Reflex Program)

$225 of the course fee is non-refundable. (Professional Program)

$225 of the course fee is non-refundable. (Clinic Program)

Cancellation / Refund

Attendees must provide written notice (30) days prior to the start date of class to be eligible for a refund of any portion of the course fee.

Non-refundable portion is not eligible for a refund regardless of when notice is received.

No refund will be made on requests after the course has begun.

All requests within 30 days of the start time, may be eligible for credit towards future class upon consent. Expires in 2 years.

What is the difference between Certified Facial Reflexologist and Certified Reflexology Therapist (CRT)

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The major difference of CRT is the addition of a Core Reflexology course, exams and practicum to qualify your technique for CRT. The additional hours provide you what you need for professional registration or licensing and to practice reflex therapy as a stand alone modality.

Core reflexology + ISMDC Certification Program + 50 case histories + 80% on exams, you graduate. The process takes about 18 months if you can dedicate time to your progression. If you have a full time job among other responsibilities, give yourself 24 months.

Facial Reflexologist Pathway: (ISMDC Certification Program). You are interested in using the technique of Dien Chan in your own practice, for personal use with family and friends or as an integration of the technique as part of your current designations i.e RCRT™, massage therapist, chiropractor, naturopath, aesthetician, physiotherapist and all other health professionals. Become certified after you have completed the Clinic Module. Qualify for student membership at RAC

Certified Reflexology Therapist: (Advanced Certification Program) Facial Reflexology is *newly considered one of the qualifying techniques in order to become a Certified Reflexology Therapist (CRT). This credential is for people wanting to practice reflexology as a stand alone method, or in fact to help incorporate all of your other trainings into a professional and therapeutic setting. This class has enough education hours in order to qualify for liability practice insurance. This pathway will include both written and practical exams in addition to completing 50 recorded practical case studies throughout the programs. The designation of CRT will provide you with the requirements to advance your career and partake in the national Canadian reflexology board exams for Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™).

(More details to come in 2021, students will be grandfathered into adopt the CRT program should they desire the designation, timelines will be in place)

Course Calendar USA & Canada

🇨🇦 How to become a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™)

See the RAC website professional membership option

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