Dickson Ranch Doodles

Why Do We Love Doodles?

Before we had children, we had a faithful dog, Kali, a Labrador retriever. After we had children and as our oldest daughter grew, we realized she was extremely allergic to her. Our daughter was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies in 2002. It was about a year later that she had an extreme reaction to Kali when Kali brushed up against her face.

Kali was a large dog that loved to romp so she spent most of her time outside. We were just coming out of winter and were spending more time outside. This is when my daughter’s reaction to her was triggered. The contact was only made on about a 2 inch square area on her face, but it caused a full-body reaction. It was very frightening and upsetting. Kali had been with us for years before this happened and we didn’t want to lose her, but we couldn’t risk the interaction with our daughter. Kali remained with us, but had to remain outside. It was at this time that I set out to find an alternative. I hated to think of my daughter not being able to grow up with a dog. In my search, I found the wonders of the goldendoodle!

Goldendoodles are popular for their tendency to be easy on the allergies. Keep in mind that there is NO guarantee that a specific goldendoodle won’t affect your allergies. For us, finding one meant that our daughter could have interaction with a dog, and Kali could remain with us and gain a constant companion.

For our kennel followers, Kali and Rose are no longer with us, but they are forever in our hearts.

Graycie is the newest addition to our pooch family. She came home with us from Kentucky in August of 2015. She and Rose were the best of friends. Graycie would lay next to and curl herself around Rose when Rose began to get sick.