Welcome to the DHS Digital Learning Portal! Below, you will find quick links to help you get started with your Chromebooks, Google Classroom, and more. Students, you can log in to Google Classroom to see each teacher's class site. Each class site will have instructions, assignments, and learning activities posted by the teacher.

If you are not sure how to log in or join Google Classroom, ask your teachers or check out the tutorials provided for you below.


picture of an open padlock

Password Resets

Call 217-444-1583 during school hours

picture of a chromebook

Chromebook Help

Call 217-444-1583 during school hours

picture of the skyward grade system icon

Skyward Help

Call 217-444-1508 during school hours

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Other Questions

Call the DHS main office at 217-444-1500 during school hours


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Access Your Student Email

google classroom icon

Access Google Classroom

skyward gradebook icon

Access Skyward (Student Grades)

DACC Blackboard LMS icon

Access DACC Blackboard (Dual Enrollment and College Express)

Access Odysseyware (Credit Recovery)

Student Announcements


daily and weekly schedule

Daily Bell Schedule

Last updated: 8/19/2021

monthly calendar

School Calendar

Last updated: 8/19/2021


how to access your student email
how to access google classroom from an iPhone
How to join Google Classroom
Google Classroom Tour
How to join your live online class aka google meet
How to submit a Google Classroom assignment
How to upload a photo to a Google Classroom assignment
How to make a copy of a Google Doc
How to View Google Classroom Assignment Feedback and Scores
Adding google chrome extensions
Google Drive Part 1: Accessing Drive and your Google Classroom folder
Google Drive Part 2: creating and organizing folders and files
Google Drive Part 3: Naming files and searching your drive
Google slides part 1: opening and navigating google slides
Google slides part 2: adding themes, slides, and images
google slides part 3: sharing and turning in google slides

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