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Well known Indian Sufi musician, savant, composer, lyricist and mentor Dhruv Sangari (Bilal Chishty) popularly known as 'Prince of Qawwali' began his career as a vocalist with the electro-accoustic Sufiyana group 'Da-Saz', releasing the successful debut album Jet-Lag in 2008 with Phat-Phish records. Living and working as artist in residence at Colby college in the US and with the dance theatre company PVC in Germany, he returned home to a life as a full time performance artist with his original band Rooh Sufi Ensemble formed back in 2004.

In 2010 he began collaborating with independent musicians from Delhi and eventually 'Humble Mystic' was formed, the eight member troupe including drums, guitar, keys, israj, mandolin and tabla debuted with song 'Haq Maula' on Coke Studio MTV season 2 (2012). Dhruv has since featured on the international album Hope (2011), given voice to chartbuster 'Lutt Jawaan' for movie Commando (2013) and 'Kyun Na' by Amit Trivedi for Coke Studio season 3 (2013). Among his other credits are producing episode 'Dumadam Must Qalandar for Fox Life's series Sound Trek Season 2 (2014) & Penning the lyrics to the hit 'abr e karam' sung by Shilpa Rao for movie Bhopal: A prayer for rain (2014) starring Martin Sheen, Mischa Barton and Kal Penn. Recently he has also worked with UK based composer Nitin Sawhney on the score for Andy Serkis's upcoming film Jungle Book.

Studying music under great maestros such and Ustad Meraj Nizami, Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan and the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Dhruv is also spiritually connected to the Sufi masters of the Chishty lineage and has led several Sufi-Bhakti heritage trails and retreats in India, UK, US, Germany and Turkey. Cited in a number of books and interviewed for radio, tv and documentary films related to Sufism and music, over the years he has taught and mentored students from around the world in the art of Sufi music.

Empaneled with the Festivals of India Abroad, Govt of India and a regular at prestigious Indian festivals such as The Sufi Route, Bhakti Utsav, Bollywood Gaana Music Project, Jashn e Rekhta, Siddhartha Festival, Samagam, ICCR International Sufi Festival of India and Afreen Afreen; Dhruv has been lauded for his unique ability to explain the context and hidden meanings of Sufi qalaam or poetry to both Indian and Western audiences. He is able to percieve and bring together the spiritual and philosophical aspects of this rich heritage under a syncretic umbrella and extending to all an unconditional invitation by making them participants rather than mere listeners.

With a keen interest in mystic poetry and classical music, its research, dissemination and documentation, Dhruv is a founding member of Ektara India a UN cited not for profit cultural organization. Having conducted master classes, read papers and performed at several major international festivals, museums, institutes and universities such as the House of World Cultures, Berlin; the Smithsonian Institution, US; University of Virginia, US, US Library of Congress, DC: Johns Hopkins, DC, New York University , NY and National Centre for Performing Arts Mumbai, he has been well covered by the media and awarded commendations by the Smithsonian, Baroda University and Amir Khusro Foundation.

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A showreel of my recent concert for the urdu festival 'Afreen Afreen' : www.facebook.com/knowyourUrdu by the brilliant Bharat Tiwari. Watch and enjoy...!

'Chehra jaise ghazal, Chehra jaan e ghazal'

Now managed & promoted exclusively by DNH Artists, Dhruv Sangari is a name to watch out for... Check out his new showreel here! For Bookings call: +919810097063 or email : karan@dnhartists.com

An here is a little throwback to the good ole days that I scrummaged out of the wayback machine!

A little Urdu language series on classical music that I scripted and anchored for Doordarshan in '08.. Ah those were the days Enjoy!!

'Meri Deewaangi par hosh waley behes farmayen, Magar Pehle unhein deewaana bannay ki zuroorat hai' ~ Seemab