D/HM Forms

Annual Appointment Review

Due February 15

Click on this link to access or type http://www.tinyurl.com/dhmsectionc into your browser or e-mail. This is the form you will send to your supervisor if applicable.

D/HM Community Coaching Vision

To assist Deaconesses, Home Missioners and Home Missionaries engaged with Community Coaching the joy of being an extended community, to transform leadership skills, provide a problem solving framework for decision making and experience effective, satisfying ministry.

D/HM Community Coaching

Cutting Edge Ministries

The "Cutting Edge Ministries" initiative provides financial project/ministry assistance for Deaconess and Home Missioner cutting edge ministries which addresses critical human need. The funds specifically support the development of new or previously unfunded ministries addressing social justice issues in either developing or existing projects. "Cutting Edge Ministries" include Ministry with the Poor, Restorative Justice, Overcoming Violence and Environmental Justice, among others.

Cutting Edge Ministries Grants

Pauline Precise Deaconess / Home Missioner Exchange Program

The Pauline Percise DHM Exchange Program is a way for deaconesses, home missioners and home missionaries to build community by exploring other ministry areas together while learning from one another. In 2019 the Office will be selecting 5 sites for the DHM Exchange Program. A $250 stipend will be given to the host for expenses.

Application for Retirement