Work Experience

Postdoctoral Associate

02/2018 – to date

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Haystack Observatory, Westford, MA

  • Researching to generate a better Terrestrial Reference Frame

  • Develop a computer program to reduce site position error after adding atmospheric information

  • Develop a method to increase a inter-technique ties(GPS, VLBI, SLR and DORIS) at the colocated sites

  • Contribute to the next ITRF (ITRF 2020)

Research Assistant 08/2012 – 12/2017

Queens College, City University of New York, NY

Earth and Environmental Science Department

  • Analyzing data using statistics and numerical modeling of GPS and Tidal data in MATLAB

  • Contributed research for 1 published articles on seismic hazard analysis

  • Analyzing and interpreting results from geochemical data obtained from U/Th analysis of coral to decode the paleo seismic history

  • Performed Electrical Resistivity survey in the field

Staff Associate 06/2014 – 08/2014

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, NY

Marine Geology and Geophysics Divisions

  • Designed and improved the survey electrical resistivity survey technique

  • Contributed research for 2 published articles on Geology of Bangladesh

  • Processed electrical resistivity data in EARTHIMAGER and elevation survey data TRIMBLE BUSSINESS CENTER

Project Manager 09/2011 – 08/2012

Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka University Earth Observatory

  • Successfully developed Seismographic Network in Bangladesh with 25 seismographs and 18 permanent GPSs (Global Positioning System)

  • Supervised 2 drilling teams conducting subsurface mapping

  • Performed electrical resistivity survey and high-resolution elevation survey in Bangladesh with Vanderbilt University research team and Columbia University research team

  • Processed the seismic data with ANTELOPE software and GPS data with GAMIT/GLOBEK

  • Providing training presentations to different cities to create seismic hazard awareness

Project Supervisor 10/2010 – 09/2011

Center for Geo-services and Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Successfully mapped peat layer drilling 1200 holes by 20 feet hand auger

  • Supervised Standard Penetration Test (SPT) team, and Cone Penetration Test (CPT) team

  • Conducted shallow seismic and Electrical resistivity for mapping the engineering layer.

Exploration Hydro-geologist 01/2010 – 10/2010

Institute of Water Modeling, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Water resource management division

  • Improved method for fresh water aquifer exploration using geophysical techniques, drilling boreholes and analyzing borehole logs

  • Supervised 300 m deep drilling for water aquifer exploration

  • Conducted water quality monitoring measuring on site parameters in monitoring well

  • Modeling fresh water aquifers using borehole data and pumping test data with DHI MIKE SHE software


01/2007 – 09/2009

Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka University Earth Observatory

  • Conducted site feasibility study for installing seismographs and permanent GPS

  • Installed and maintained seismographs and permanent GPS (Global Positioning System)

  • Processed the GPS data with GAMIT/GLOBK and Seismic data with ANTELOPE

  • Constructed an earthquake catalog by picking P and S wave arrival time from the seismometer waveform record


01/2004 – 12/2007

The Daily Bhorer Kagoj (one of the national newspapers), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Feature devision

  • Responsible for publishing weekly feature pages on Science and Automobile

  • Worked in the Metro (weekly) group