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VENUE - Colégio Espírito Santo Room 124


14:25 Opening

14:30 Vithor Gomes Bertalan and Evandro Eduardo Seron Ruiz.

Predicting judicial outcomes in the Brazilian legal system using textual features

14:50 Brenda Salenave Santana and Aline Aver Vanin.

Sentiment analysis on Twitter as a way of detecting group beliefs in modeled topics related to Brazilian elections

15:10 Helena Freire Cameron, Maria Filomena Gonçalves and Paulo Quaresma.

Linguistic and orthographical classic Portuguese variants - Challenges for NLP

15:20 Paulo Quaresma and Maria Jose Bocorny Finatto.

Information Extraction from historical texts: a Case Study

15:30 Mehmet Can Yavuz.

Analyses of Characters in Dramatic Works by Using Document Embeddings

15:50 Discussion

16:00 Coffe break

16:30 Senja Pollak, Matej Martinc and Katja Mihurko Poniz.

Natural language processing for literary text analysis: Word embeddings based analysis of Zofka Kveder’s work

16:40 Caio Almeida and Débora Abdalla.

Text similarity using neural networks to classify fake news


17:00 Barbara Ramos, Diana Santos and Cláudia Freitas.

Looking at body expressions to enrich emotion clusters

17:10 Danielle Almeida.

Trade and Circulation of Medicines in Medical Texts: Digital Humanities and History of Colonial America

17:20 Liana Paraguassu, Leonardo Zilio, Antonio Leiva and Maria José Finatto.

MedSimples: an automated simplification tool for promoting health literacy in Brazil

17:30 Ivo Santos, Fernanda Olival and Ofélia Sequeira.

Excavating the Data Pit: the Portuguese Parish Memories (1758) as a Gold Standard

17:40 Discussion

18:00 Welcome reception