DGM Distribution System LLC

Products & Services

Industrial Automation Products

We supply high quality branded Industrial Automation Products and accessories that are mostly needed for your factory, warehouse or company.

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Electrical Components & Accessories

Safety is the first thing when dealing with electricity. Using branded electrical components emphasizes human and property safety. We possess almost all the electrical components that are essential for your factory, home, company and etc.

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Testing & Measuring Instruments

The accuracy should be precise when considering measuring instruments. We supply high quality measuring instruments and test instruments such as multi-meters, clamp-on meter, Megger Tester, TDS and PH Analyzer.

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Electronic Components

Usage of high quality electronic items cause for easy access to information, improved communication, efficiency and productivity, high accuracy level of the end product, conservation of time due to lesser troubleshoots and many more. We supply all kinds of electronic components ranging from resistors to development boards and many more in different brands.

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Advanced Tools

We possess advanced tools of world famous brands that will make your industrial mechanical works much easier. Usage of long lasting, robust, easily handling, precise and less maintenance tools have popular today

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New Industrial Automation Control System Solutions

We can provide solution for your existing old machine or new machine with new technology control system from OMRON with PLC Programming, HMI Programming, VFD and Servo Configuration, SCADA, Panel Fabrication and Installation

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Industrial Automation Control System Upgrades

We can provide the solution and implementation to modify your existing control system to add more functions or increase the efficiency of your production

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Industrial Automation Control System Troubleshoot

We can solve any trouble in your Industrial Automation Control System problems in software and hardware

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Industrial Vision System Solutions

We can provide solutions for the industrial vision systems to identify any label or product defects to ensure your production quality or the sorting process

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DGM Distribution System LLC is a  Electrical, Electronic and Automation product company specialized in Industrial Automation Service Providing. The company has been in operation for more than 4 decades in UAE.

Fore seeing future business opportunities and the desire to expand, the company has  shifted its target market to larger projects. This results in one large, unified Company with greater vision, perspective and focused on Industrial Automation as a whole.