KW Command Training

Click the photo to be taken directly to Command, the all-in-one technology platform exclusive to Keller Williams agents.

Click on the photo to be taken to for helpful article walkthroughs and screenshots of navigating Command.

Docusign 101 tutorial

A helpful breakdown video of DocuSign Rooms to send clients forms for signatures, taught by Clark Mundy.

Creating DocuSign Templates

This quick tutorial shows agents how to create and save templates in DocuSign for commonly used forms such as an IABS, Buyer/Tenant Representation, Listing Agreement, etc.

prep to get paid tutorial

A detailed walkthrough of the A-Z process of creating a Contact, creating an Opportunity, accessing DocuSign Rooms, sending & upload forms for Compliance, and every detail to know to be paid on time, taught by Clark Mundy.

marty miller's command 66 day challenge 5.0

Click on the image to view Marty Miller's Command training videos. Marty is a Regional Tech Trainer with KW in the Houston-area. These videos are key to understanding all the various aspects of Command and how it can streamline your business. These are quick, bite-size tutorials of Command.

*Note: Only watch the 5.0 versions of these videos, Command is now out-of-date in the previous challenge videos*

scott le roy's command support

Click on the image to view Scott Le Roy's Command training videos. Scott Le Roy is a company that provides support to KW agents all over the U.S. and their videos include unique technology tips & longer form Command training videos as well. They also respond quickly to support requests when you email!