The U.K Media; Every one of the TV Radio Print & Internet Journalists incl' News Readers of the BBC & ITV have deliberately ignored Desmond Last's work for World Peace & Counter Terrorism. Why? We the People have to teach these 'swamp dwelling' Establishment Puppet Media a lesson. Do not let them interview or film in your village, town, City, Country. Their dishonesty destroys lives.

Not one member of the U.K Media will report the writing of my 'New Ideas for a 'Better World' as outlined on

This has been the case for 8~ years of writing. The Media have also never reported for the same period the 'legal abuse of Power' by the U.K and Australian Governments that I have been subjected to. A summary of which can be found on

With over 1 Million views on Quora in 12 months and support from all over the World via Facebook this act of censorship can only be seen for what it is - deliberate.

My work on Counter Terrorism has also been ignored. My on-line essays warn that the U.K Government does not know how to stop Terrorism. If it did then we would not be experiencing the very tragic escalation that The U.K is being subjected to. The U.K Media and Government including MI5, MI6 and SO15 have ignored my warnings. Why?

My website has essays on Counter Terrorism. As does my website 'New Ideas for a New World'

My new perspective is not a few lines of vague ideas on how to counter Terrorism. It is a vital new insight. Why then has it been so deliberately ignored?

Why would you so totally and deliberately ignore a 'New and Relevant' Perspective on Counter Terrorism?

My WebSites. My Story Essays on Governments and their Actions My true account of what the Australian ANZ Bank have done to me. A site with Free Protest Posters. My website with my New Ideas for a Better World

My Facebook Pages.

This video was made outside BBC Radio Oxford last year. It is the BBC who said they would report the 'legal abuse' of Power I have been subjected to then rang to say they could not.

Ask your Media and Government why they have ignored my work?