Dental Pro 7 Ingredients

What Ingredients Are In Dental Pro 7

There are total eleven natural elements in Dental Pro 7 and they all perform an important role in making Dental Pro 7 so effective against bacteria:


Also known as Helichrysum italicum, it is a wild Mediterranean plant with bright yellowish petals, Used by the historic Greeks because of its excellent recovery properties. Several researches have already been done in the last 10 years, and all sorts of them identified that Helichrysum Italicum had anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial characteristics. It’s especially effective against candida organisms and Staphylococcus.


Also called Leptospermum scoparium, it is discovered primarily from your east cape area of New Zealand. The honey and essential oil produced by the plant offers attracted the scientific community to use as a commercial item because of its potent anti-bacterial houses. Facts also indicate that it's about 20 times even more effective than Australian tea tree at destroying pathogens, bacteria, and germs.


Also called Commiphora myrrha, It is obtained in the Arabian peninsula and in the African continent. It is rich in Flavonoids which could assist in soreness reduction and naturally support the body's immune system. Myrrh has considerable antibacterial activity and is medicinally utilized in a number of diseases. It also contains significant antiseptic, anti-growth, and anesthetic, properties.

Pomegranate seed

Also known as Punica Granatum, is available all over the world but the producers of Dental Pro 7 source theirs from India. It is full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and omega 5 essential fatty acids. New research conducted a test and found that the HAE (hydroalcoholic extract) found within the pomegranate seed was better in destroying bacteria than chlorhexidine and usual distilled drinking water as a mouth wash. The HAE (hydroalcoholic extract) likewise presented antibacterial activity against selected harmful bacteria, and may possibly be an alternative for the treating oral plaque bacteria.

Clove Bud

Also known as Eugenia caryophyllus, It’s oil is produced from the Syzgium aromaticum woods. Clove is a highly effective herb, they have great antibacterial characteristics, numbs pain due to its eugenol content and contains the highest antioxidant than any natural grow extract in the world.

White Thyme

Also called Thymus Vulgaris, it really is taken out mainly from Hungary and has been known to obtain powerful antibacterial properties, among the most effective of any herb on the planet. Thyme oil has proven excellent effectiveness against anti-biotics resistant strains of the examined bacteria which included:

  • Pseudomonas overall
  • Escherichia
  • Staphylococcus,
  • Enterococcus,

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint leaf also called Mentha piperita, it is native to European countries, and the Middle East yet can be cultivated anywhere these days.

Peppermint oil has a brand new sharp menthol smell and a pungent taste and then a cooling sensation. Additionally, it possesses a number of healing real estate and is used in toothpastes, mouthwashes, and topical treatments due to its unique antibiotics properties.

Hammer Toe Mint

Also called Mentha Arensis is a plant with furry leaves and spiked crimson flowers. It gives a delightful minty taste towards the product and helps in destroying oral bacteria. Some other parts of the rose including its leaves, seed products, stem, bark, and floral have been used commonly in conventional people medicine like a stimulant, carminative and anti-bacterial.

Natural Vitamin E

Also called alpha-tocopherol, is an organic anti-oxidant and is used to secure the cells and walls from environmental effect. It is mainly used in Dental Pro 7 to raise the shelf life for many years.

Spearmint Leaf

Also called Mentha Spicata, this component is basically used for its taste. It produces a nice minty flavor so can make it easier for you to apply the item. One more characteristic is their pain reliever activity that means it will help to alleviate pain where ever it is used. It implies Dental Pro 7 can also be applied as a temporary toothache treatment.


Also called Vitis Vinifera, is indigenous to southern Europe and Western Asia. Grapeseed draws out particularly has been noted to have a wide range of medicinal and healing effects such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and antimicrobial activities.

Therefore there they are, all of the 11 ingredients are in front of the eyes and all have been looked over and been suggested as a factor in removing harmful bacteria from the mouth area which keeps the gumline and mouth in a healthful state. Nature is extremely effective and we should not ignore it is effectiveness.eness.