The ultimate goal of the group is to build a living cell from cellular scratches and non-living components. The bottom-up approach to synthetic cells not only helps us understand how cell works, but also will create a myriad of next generation biotechnologies valuable to human health, environment, energy and industry. We currently are focusing on microfluidic construction of artificial cell membrane systems and their dynamics.

2022.1.28, Accepted Angew Chem paper on artificial intracellular comminication! Congratulations to Qihong and Fanghao!!

We are now recruiting international PhD students and postdocs.

If you have interest, please email your CV and statement of research interests to

Microfluidic preparation of double emulsions with ATPS inside

Dewetting of W/O/W double emulsion droplet to form liposome

Drop engulfment inside microchannels