Consensus and disagreement in science: I am currently working on the nature and implications of various distributions of opinions within scientific communities. In particular, I am becoming increasingly obsessed with the issue of how non-scientists should form beliefs about scientific matters based on scientists' professed opinions (which often conflict). Long-term, I see this as the main focus of my research. Relatedly, I am guest editing a special issue of Synthese on the topic of disagreement in science. Relevant previous work includes:

Scientific understanding and its role in scientific progress: I am also working on an account of scientific progress in terms of understanding, building on an account of what scientific understanding amounts to. In 2019, Insa Lawler and I received a generous grant from the Icelandic Research Fund for a closely related project called "Understanding Progress, in Science and Beyond" (the project will start up soon). Relevant previous work includes:

Inference to the best explanation and scientific realism: For a while now, I have been developing a comprehensive account of IBE as a heuristic for Bayesian or probabilistic reasoning. Relatedly, I am interested in applying this account to debates about scientific realism, i.e. to what extent we should believe that current theories are correct. Relevant previous work includes:

Miscellaneous Other Topics

I also have various other interests in other areas of philosophy that I work on when the opportunity arises. For example, I am very interested in the relationship between mainstream and formal epistemology, the nature of epistemic and practical normativity, and in history of philosophy. Relevant previous work includes:

Philosophy in Iceland(ic)

Finally, I have taken pains to do at least part of my research in my native language, Icelandic. This work is normally, though not exclusively, intended for a slightly wider audience than professional philosophers. So it is one way for me to "reach out" a little (although see also this). I have also contributed to Icelandic philosophy by serving as editor-in-chief of the (only) Icelandic philosophy journal, Hugur, for the past two years (the 2018 & 2019 issues). Relevant work in Icelandic includes: