Photo: Kristinn Ingvarsson


I am a philosopher specializing in philosophy of science and epistemology.

I am professor of philosophy at the University of Iceland, and I also have a part-time position (professor II) at the  Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (Høgskolen i Innlandet) and as a researcher (professor II) in the project Science and Democracy at the University of Oslo. I did my Ph.D. at UNC Chapel Hill and have been a postdoc at University College Dublin.

Most of my research concerns issues at the intersection of philosophy of science and epistemology. I've written on scientific progress, understanding in science, inference to the best explanation, scientific realism, scientific disagreement and the social epistemology  of science. 

Please visit my research page for more information, and my papers page for links and detailed descriptions.

Projects & Prizes

In 2023-2025, James Norton and I are joint PIs for the project Understanding Philosophical Progress, funded by the Icelandic Research Fund. Together we run the Philosophical Progress Lab.

During 2020-2022, I was PI for a joint project with Insa Lawler (Co-I), Understanding Progress, in Science and Beyond, funded by the Icelandic Research Fund.

I have been fortunate to receive the following prizes in recent years:

Recent Publications

Some recent and forthcoming publications: