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The April members meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 10th.

Speaker: William Stender, Vice President of the North Jersey Orchid Society (NJOS)

Topic: Summer Vacation for Orchids

Speaker Bio: Bill Stender has been growing orchids for only about 12 years. When Bill and his wife Lynne took their 25th wedding anniversary vacation to Hawaii, they bought their first two orchids. One died almost immediately, but the other, a Nobile type Dendrobium, refused to die. Bill started researching the culture of orchids and how to get this orchid to bloom again and he was hooked. Now years later their orchid collection numbers about 300 plants and pretty much covers the entire spectrum of orchid growing. They have a greenhouse / sun room connected to their house which holds the collection.

When not growing orchids, Bill is the owner of 10-31 Inc. which specializes in museum and gallery display and design services. Bill can often be found travelling the world for his clients.

This month’s talk titled “Summer vacation for Orchids” will be about how to put your orchids out for the summer. We will touch on various styles of structures, shade and cultural needs for orchids when they are out for the summer.

So what happened to that Nobile style Dendrobium? Well it took 5 years, but he was finally able to get it to bloom just in time for their 30th anniversary.

Plants for Sale: Speaker is not selling plants, members can sell plants

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