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August members' meeting Tuesday, August 6th (NOTE DATE CHANGE TO 1st Tuesday)

Speaker - Linda Wilhelm, Woodland Orchids

Topic: Brazilian Miltonia (The real Miltonias)

Speaker Bio:

Linda Wilhelm started growing orchids in 1980 after a vacation in Florida with her mother. Already intrigued by orchids, she finally bought a small Cattleya seedling, not knowing at the time that it would take seven or eight years to get a bloom. It was the beginning of an addiction. After meeting her future husband, Rolf in 1985, the addiction became severe when he too got involved with orchids.

When the hobby got out of hand and developed into a serious passion for both Linda and Rolf, they started their business Woodland Orchids. When first starting, they specialized in breeding warm tolerant Oncidiinae but as is often the case, their interest changed and now their main breeding efforts are miniature and compact Cattleya hybrids. They also breed a number of different species and have made some wonderful Stanhopea hybrids.

An Accredited Judge and Trustee for the AOS, Linda is very active in the judging program, having served in various positions with the Carolinas Judging Center including her current job of the Training Coordinator, 5 years as the Chair of the Center as well as a previous six years as a Trustee for the American Orchid Society.

She enjoys being involved in shows outside her region, including offshore shows in Central and South America and the islands. She also judged a show in Kenya in October of 2018. “It offers such an opportunity to see a different variety of orchids as well as an opportunity to extend my group of friends.” She is a frequent guest speaker at orchid societies all over the USA as well as having lectured in Brazil, Trinidad, Barbados and Guatemala.

September members' meeting Tuesday, September 10th

Speaker: Arthur Chadwick of Chadwick Orchids

Topic: Large Flowered Cattleya Species

Speaker is selling plants Members cannot sell plants , For pre-orders – for Cattleyas.

Call Greenhouse for orders of Phal, Oncidium, Dend & Paphs

Speaker bio - Art Chadwick

Art holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State and an MBA from James Madison University. He founded Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc in 1989 with his father who has been growing orchids since 1943. ‘The Classic Cattleyas’ is widely considered to be the definitive book on large-flowered Cattleya species and was written by Art and his father. Martha Stewart favorably reviewed the book and had both Chadwick’s on her TV Show. Art has the distinction of naming Cattleya hybrids after the wives of the last five U.S. Presidents and personally presenting the flowers to most of the honored recipients. He is a 'regular' on the orchid society speaker's circuit and has spoken internationally at the Western Australian Orchid Conference as well as two World Orchid Conferences - France 2005 and Ecuador 2017). Each month since 2002, the Richmond Times-Dispatch has published Art’s orchid advice column. The Winston-Salem Journal as well as several other newspapers around the country now also run the popular column. Chadwick operates 11 greenhouses in rural Powhatan County, a retail store in Richmond, and boards over 13,000 orchids for local clients. The company was recently featured in Southern Living Magazine, The New York Times, and Richmond Magazine.


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