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We got some!!!


Hey! We got a couple of boxes. I wasn't sure that I would get any at all, so I'm excited. Anyway, please head on down to the e-crater store if you're interested in picked up some of this product. I've already posted it and they're probably going to go fast.

Since I refuse to do preorders any longer, I have to say, best decision ever!!! I'm excited to say that I've got a lot less stress to deal with. I don't know how may times I can say it, but I'm going to probably say it over and over again. I really enjoy having positive interactions with people and have started to enjoy provided people with the products that they need or want.

I hope you all had a fun 4th of July and I'll update when the new stuff comes in.

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From Seeds


Holy smokes, people. Well, I bet you thought I was dead. Too bad to disappoint you. Or maybe not.

Look at the grape vine I grew for my dad. I planted the seeds from the grapes we accidentally ordered from Albertsons. One took and is now thriving in my dad's yard! It's really cool when you plant a seed and see it do well.

Just wanted to let you all know that we have some of the Battle for Baldur's Gate boxes in in various flavors and did end up picking up a box of Pokemon. Feel free to click the store link and take a gander.

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1.21 Gigiawatts!


Holy cow! I've been busy and my flux capacitor has been malfunctioning for a few months. I've been keeping up the inventory on E-Crater for the faithful few.

Just wanted to do a few updates.

Kamigawa is up and ready to go. It's going fast, so order what you want before it all goes!

Modern Horizons 2 is still on my preorder module, but as the days drag on, my hope for getting any boxes wears thin. I'm holding on to the bitter end for a few people with a modicum of hope that WOTC will come threw, but I've got a feeling that I'll probably be refunding these people nearly a year later. I've been wrong before, I hope I am, but I don't think so.

Also, might I add, no longer doing preorders has done wonders for the drain in my bathroom sink; it's no longer filled with all the hair I've pulled out. I do have a few more grays unfortunately, but my girlfiend says she likes it. I choose to belive her.

Shout out to Mandingo and his Moonknight addiction!!!

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This is Innistrad! (Say this Tim Burtony)


Well, it's the first set where I didn't do the traditional preorders. Let me tell you, I'm not getting as much product, but I'm a lot less stressed about it. Also, the amount of times I get called a scammer and receive angry emails has gone down immensely. But, I will admit, I do miss the attention.

Innistrad - Midnight Hunt

I have gotten my numbers for this product. So, if you'd like to reserve your boxes from the numbers I am supposed to receive, you may use the eCrater link above to access the site where you can purchase your desired wares at your leisure. First come, first served.

Previous Pre-orders

For those of you patiently waiting for products purchased using the old way we used to do preorders, we didn't forget about you. Stuff is coming in sporadically and we're getting stuff at weird times; sometimes it's just been showing up before we get the ship notification... LOL So, who knows when we'll fill the orders, but just know that we didn't forget about you. If there is a status change, for the better or worse, you'll be notified by email as soon as I receive new information.

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The Look I give when I'm not surprised...


Well, the dog's face says it all. I'm going to be short product again on the new D&D set. But, at least I cut it off early to avoid being super shorted. I got my numbers today, but today has been a super busy one. So, I'm late in getting this written up and e-mails out.

This will be the last time I do preorders in this way. Therefore, from now on I will do an order, see what numbers are, then post them to the website. That way, when you make an order, unless there are damages or shipping issues, I should be able to fill orders no problem.

Now, if a certain owner of a certain type of product could print enough cards or just rip off the band aid and got straight to selling on Amazon, I could avoid this mess altogether. But, until then, it's this fun roller-coaster ride of ups and downs and being accused of being a scammer and negative feedback.

Check the e-crater store for listings. I will also try to post when I get product on this update site as well as the Facebook page. Feel free to e-mail me with any issues as always.

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A little ditty about Jack and Diane


Well, here's some good news! I'm finally getting in that 2nd wave shipment that will allow me to fill in some outstanding orders. So, watch for an e-mail that let's you know when I expect to be filling your order. If you don't get an e-mail, assume that either space pirates have hijacked the internet and are holding your message ransom, or that you are still on the back order list. It's a bummer, but after Forgotten Realms, I won't have to worry about not being able to fill preorders.

Also, I was able to get a small restock of JumpStart, so if you're still in the market, I'll have some of those for sale next week.

No ship date yet for forgotten realms, but when I do get numbers and a ship date, I'll be firing up the Gmass e-mail apparatus to inform you all on what will be going on there concerning that product.

Does anyone else watch Downton Abby with their girlfriend? If so, do you have a favorite character? Put it on the comments on Facebook, if you actually read this far. It doesn't even matter if you lie, just look up the characters and pick one. It'll be fun.

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Allocations lead to anger. Anger leads to suffering.


Well, as you guessed it. I'm up that famous creek without any modes of transportation again. I'M ONLY GETTING 10% OF MY ORDER!!!

It is official:

By decree of the crazy person running this business, Deemo's Discount Comics will no longer accept preorders for anything. ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

Sorry, but this is just too much at this point. I spend too much time ordering, organizing, just to have WOTC say four letter words that cause others to use those words towards me.

That being said, I will do my very best to continue to fill the preorders that have already been made, but after Forgotten Realms, there will not be any more preorders available.

Regardless if you are apart of the lucky 10% or not, you should be keeping an eye on your e-mail or your junk folder.

As a wise man once said to his sales rep, "if you can't fill my orders, what's the point?" - Unknown?

Feeling Fly!


All jokes aside, I'm feeling pretty fly. All of my Strixhaven order is coming in and I'm going to be able to fill all my pre-orders on time, allegedly. They didn't ship my order out until today, so there is a chance it could be late. So, I'm having to keep faith in the brown trucks and the UPS man.

I should also have a few leftover boxes as well, so keep an eye on the site. Once I have those in hand, I'll be putting them up for grabs.

Addressing Allocation Concerns

OK. I'm going to be pretty blunt and candid on this one. I probably know as much if not less then you do about product allocations. So, if you order from me, I'll do my best to fight with the suppliers and get your order. If I can't, all I can offer is a full refund. I do my best even when they do their worst and that's all I can do as a human.

I just want to fly - Sugar Wray

Who keeps ringing that bell?


Well, it finally happened. We got a shipment in. I'm looking forward to filling some orders we've had on hold for awhile and getting some new ones out. In typical fashion, my order was shipped Monday instead of Friday, so I'm on a crunch to get them all out by the release date. There's not much I can do about it, but at least they'll get here in time


So, it also didn't take long for Pokémon to behave like MTG this year. I got all my first order and on the current order for Battle Styles, I only got 33% of what I ordered. I feel like Sally Field, "They like me. They really like me."


We're getting the rest of the Kaldheim order this week as well. We will be able to fill the remainder of the outstanding orders that we had and also have some product left over due to cancellations. I will be posting those items as soon as they are in my possession.

Time Spiral

So, I'm not WPN, but somehow I was able to get some Time Spiral. I'm not sure how to feel about that since they usually short my orders, but maybe this is their way of smoothing things over? Well, anyway, I'll have very few of these, so get them while their hot. I'll have them posted as soon as the shipment comes in.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson




Welcome to the freak show. Man, the stock market is providing me with so much entertainment lately, I feel like I need to go out, sell all my Dogecoin and get me some stonks to show my appreciation.

If you have have no idea of which I speak, you're probably a responsible adult and, if you're not already too busy, could you teach me how.

Commander Legends

*Cricket Noises*

Refer to the link from YouTube if you'd like to know all the information on Commander Legends collector boxes. I was told about a second wave of product... I guess I just have a hard time listening between the lines. IF that is a thing.


Also, ist Kalheim ausgeseichnet? See, dad! I'm using my German degree. Anyway, we were shorted our order again. I think my distributor has sensed my distain for that kind of news at this point and didn't really tell me anything other than what product and the numbers that I'll be getting. So, no talk of wave two or anything like that. Like most things, I'll be able to fill some of my orders and have to back order others. If I do end up getting my full order, I will post the extra product to the eCrater shop.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!!!

Hello, is it me you're lookin' for?


Updates, updates, updates

Well, I haven't gotten any great updates to share with you all. It looks like 2020 is going to bleed on into the next year.

Echo? Do you hear an echo? Well, I do. It's the only response that I'm getting on Commander Legends boxes. Still waiting to hear if we'll get any more. Hopefully soon.

Strangely enough, I'm going to get one of the cases of Double Masters VIP that I orders back in like May (?). Well, I don't remember and I'm not going to look it up, but it was a lifetime ago. So, if you're looking for Double Masters VIP boxes, I'll post them up on the eCrater shop as soon as I get them.

Kaldheim is going to be interesting for sure. The only thing I could glean from the information that I was able to get about it, draft boxes for Kaldheim are going to be scarce. That's the rumor, but I can tell you, based on WOTC's/Hasbro's behavior last year, draft boxes are probably on their way out and, I feel, they are going to start pushing set boxes and start phasing out draft boxes. Tell me I'm full of crap, but I'm just calling balls and strikes as I see them.

Well, let's hope everything goes well and we can all get our orders on time!!!

When your past calls, don't answer. It has nothing new to say. - Lionel Richie

Commander Legends is Legendary and Commnderly: the Saga Continues


The cool part about the picture is, I just fixed an old cart of The Legend of Zelda that had a bad battery in it from 1983. The best part is that is actually works; sometimes I 'fix' things and they no longer function the same way as the instructions dictate on the back of the box.

The good news, I'm getting another shipment of Commander Legends and I darn near got to fill all my orders. If your in the market for some draft boxes, I will have some extra due to cancellations and will post those to the eCrater store once I get them in.

The bad news is CL Collector boxes are a hot commodity and I most likely won't get enough to fill my orders. I'm just hoping I don't have to take too much abuse for it. But, unfortunately, I'm in that type of situation where I see the shark and realize I'm going to need a bigger boat.

"It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." - The Legend of Zelda

Commander Legends is Legendary and Commanderly


Welcome to the party, commander. We just got our Commander Legends numbers today and my sales rep didn't steer me wrong; we were allocated by about 50%. He does tell me that they're planning a wave 2. I'm more cautious than optimistic, but you never know. I've just been hurt before. Hold me.

I have sent e-mails to both parties; the haves and the have-nots. Don't beat me up too badly and I'll definitely do my best to make sure to get your orders out on time or in the case of the backorders, as soon as I can get my hands on them.

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On the Road Again, Going Places I've Already Been


Zendikar Rising

We're finally reaching the exciting conclusion of Zendikar Rising. Same MTG time, same MTG channel; also, everything is a few months behind... I'm getting enough SET boosters to fill the rest of our orders and have some left over. So, if you're looking for some extra SET boxes, or even COLLECTORS boxes, I'll have a few extra to sell due to having some people cancelling their order. I'll post them on the site as I get to inspect the shipments.

Commander Legends

It's looking like they are planning on doing a two wave shipment on Commander Legends. I'll send out a warning shot... No wait, e-mail, that'll be faster, once I know how many for sure I'll be getting on the first wave, so you can make your informed decisions. Stay tuned for tidbits on this release.

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Put it on the Robins? Build a model airplane he said. Well, I ain't buyin' it.


Happy fun time! Well, I'll be getting 15 Zendikar Collector's boxes by Tuesday next week. If we happen to get them before Tuesday, I'll post them to the store as soon as I get them. I'm still waiting to hear on the rest of the SET boosters. I am getting a few, but I'm probably only going to be able to fill 3 orders, so I'm not getting many. I have a lot of cancellations, so if I get the rest of my order, I'll post those to the store as well.

Updated 10/19/20

Zendikar Collector's Boxes for sale!

Brace Yourselves

Did you guess? Even with the push back, it looks like Commander Legends is going to be about a 50% allocation for us. It's starting to feel personal, but I'll keep you posted if it gets worse or, hopefully, better.

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It's Ice T, so you know it's serious


The bad news is, everyone cancelled their pre-orders with me for Zendikar COLLECTORS boxes. The good news is that I should have about 12 in stock this Friday, if the shipment comes on time. My supplier is holding them back in hopes that they'll also be able to send me some SET boosters as well. So, either way, I'll add an update to this post and let you all know when I get more information on what and when I'll be getting.

Commander Legends

No new information on this product. Just the same news about it being postponed until November 20th. I'm still hoping to see allocations that are better due to the delay. I'm not going to start holding my breath, just in case.

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WOTC Pushes Back Commander Legends Release and It's a Good Thing.


Commander Legends

Looks like WOTC is going to push back the release date of this product to November 20th. We're not a WPN store, so we don't get the prerelease product and we will most likely see the product show up on the 18th so we can ship it out by the 20th. I'm hoping with this date getting pushed back that the allocation will be much better than the last two product allocations.

ICV2 Article

Zendikar Rising

My supplier is expecting some restock of this product either the end of this week or the beginning of next week. If and when I get those numbers, I'll let you guys know. I've had a few cancellations and may have product left over if they fill my entire order with that allocation. I'll get you all updated as I get more up to date information.

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Sleepy Antelope sits in Judgement


OK! I've been working and working and still really have nothing new for you. I should be getting that shipment of Zendikar Collectors boxes today, but the only thing we can do on this set is wait and see. The distributor doesn't really have an idea of what's coming on this set until it shows up and they count it. So, we have that to look forward to.

Now, I've heard some not so good news for Commander Legends collector boxes. There may be delays on this product. But, we won't know more until later in October, so it's kind of a wait and see type of situation. But, considering what's going on this year up to this point, I won't be surprised if it turns out that way.

Stay tuned for more information as I get it, when I can get it.

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There is Some Sunshine when Zendikar is Home


I know the delays are wreaking havoc upon us, but here's some silver lining on the Zendikar Collectors boxes: we're getting another shipment. I'm not sure when AGD will get the shipment out, but latest I should get this shipment will be by Monday at the latest assuming everything works as it should.

Now that I know I have Zendikar Collectors boxes coming, when I get the chance, I'll be updating the list and notify the people whose orders I'll be able to fill using the GMass thing again; it seems to work alright.

So, I'm crossing my fingers to avoid the dreaded miss-shipments and damages, so I can get those shipped out at the latest beginning of next week. If they sneak through the supply chain a little faster, I'll get them out earlier.

Addition: Everyone that is receiving their Zendikar Collectors boxes should have received an email at about 7:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time.

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Zendikar Delays for Real


Zendikar was worse than Double Masters. So, now you know that I just got my numbers today and they're terrible. It's disheartening to say the least. I've e-mailed everyone that was affected by the Zendikar delays using GMass. Hopefully, I did it right and it all went through correctly.

As always, I'm here to commiserate with you. Please, don't abuse me too much. I will work through this and we will be stronger for it in the end. What doesn't make you stronger, kills you. Or something like that.

"Perhaps I am broken, he conceded silently, but broken bones heal stronger, and I will have my day in the sun.”

― Peter V. Brett, The Desert Spear

Zendikar on Fire

(Cue Hunger Games music)


I know. I know. I really don't like bringing you guys the bad news, but if it wasn't for bad news this year, I'd have hardly anything to write here. I do not care what rumors you've heard on the internet, Zendikar is going to experience production delays and shipping delays due to covid-19 and the massive forest fires. All these factors are affecting production and distribution. So, if I even get boxes on time, I won't even know the amount until they ship them. So, welcome to the Thunder Dome!

I know I'll get a few emails asking me questions about the above. I'm just going to send you a link to this article saying this is everything I know!

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Don't fear the printer, nor do the WOTC


Hello again. This is becoming a strange weekly occurrence that I'm starting to feel like some people depend on. It's like having a friend to talk to, but you don't know their face nor their name. Here's what I know, and now, you will know.

Glittering Prizes

(Let me know if you're old enough to know what that cheat code was from!)

Just got some new dice in and I'll be entering them in as I can. Not going to lie, I might buy half the inventory and hoard it like a dragon in a certain copyrighted story. I do this part on my own, so it may take me awhile to get it all up there.

Zendikar, no you Zendidon't...

I've been trying to get some firmer numbers on this product, but it's not looking like I will. The supplier basically won't know what they have until WOTC delivers it to them. So, that means that I won't know what I have exactly until they are ready to ship it! They did say that they do plan on reprinting the SET boosters, but they've broken my heart before. So, excuse me if I sound a little be bitter. I will let you guys know when I do get it figured out though. WOTC is not making this easy.

Commander Legends

It's looking like there may be some delays on the collector boosters. Surprise, surprise, right? I will keep my eye on this and let you guys know more when I hear more details. Looks like the dumpster fire that is 2020 marches on.

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- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Head over heals, but not the good way


Good news

Well, the good news is WOTC came through on JumpStart and I was able to fill the remaining orders that I had from the preorders that were placed months ago. That was so satisfying and I hope you guys enjoy them!

Not so good news: Zendikar Delays Official

OK, so some of you won't read this and email me anyway, while others have already heard from other sources, but here we go. Zendikar across the board is going to experience delays. They're not telling me any real numbers yet because they weren't even allowed to talk about the delays until recently. Unfortunately, this is all the information they were able to give me, so if you ask me more about it, I'll probably just copy and paste this update into the email to avoid retyping the same information over and over again.

I won't cancel your orders and I won't raise the price of preorders. I will hold all the orders I have and work through all of this. I will also provide you more information once I have firm(er) numbers and make another update, since this will affect all the Zendikar orders.

Double Masters: No shoes, no shirt, no service

Looks like hope's last flame hast burnt out on this product. I'm going to start refunding all the orders that asked me to hold until we knew for sure. Well, it's for sure and I'm super bummed about it. Please, don't freak out on me, guys. This is going to take me a couple of days to get through. You should start seeing refund notifications coming through from PayPal starting 9/9

"WOTC!!!" - Yelled in Captain Kirk's voice yelling "Khan!"

Everywhere You Look



Looks like we'll be getting the rest of the JumpStart product we ordered. I still haven't gotten a ship date for the late product, but I have been told it's on it's way by the distributor. So, thank you to all the patient JumpStart customers that have been waiting for an eternity, seems like anyway, for the orders to fill. You've been amazing!!!

Zendikar Falling?

Well, 2020 rages on. Looks like the SET boosters are getting heavily allocated due to the popularity and the fact that all the ACD customers had to scramble and get their product from the other available suppliers, putting a strain on the chain of supply. I'm still pleading with my supplier, but it looks like my order may get cut by 70%. I needed a new pair of shorts when I got that information. I will inform those customers that are affected after I get firm numbers and know for sure how many orders I'll be able to fill.

As for the Zendikar COLLECTORS and COMMANDER DECKS, the news is much better. I will get enough boxes to cover all my preorders, but will not have any extra product to sell. If there are any damages or mis-shipments, I will inform those customers personally who will be affected by that, if the need should arise.

Double Trouble Masters

No new information on this front. I'm still getting told that there is no reorder yet, but my preorders are still in the cue and have been adjusted, which tells me that there might be hope still about getting a few more boxes. It's just a matter of how many and when.

If you get tired of waiting or need the money back, let me know, and I'll get that refund rolling for you.

Commander Legends Preorders Started!

We have begun the task of taking preorders for this product. We're starting with hope looking forward. The only product we haven't been allocated less than our order was Core Set 2021 this year. Can lightening strike twice? We shall see.

"Some people call me a scam cowboy. Yeah... Some call me the preorder of looove"... How does that song go?

Good night folks. Try the veal.

All things come in 3's or 2's... How does that go again?


Zendikar SET Booster

Ordering has been frozen on this item from our supplier, so that's why you can't order it. I can't increase my order, so I'm not taking any more pre-orders. Hopefully, this set goes a little smoother than Double Masters did.

Speaking of Double Masters VIP...

We were able to get in 12 boxes of Double Masters VIP from the sprinkle order we got shipped today. They are for sale on the eCrater site. First come, first served. They are available to ship as soon as we can get them in the box and to the shipper.

Have a wonderful evening!

ET - "Ouch."

Take the Good with the Bad



We have heard that JumpStart is supposed to be shipping out at the end of the month, but my supplier still sees no restock order in the system yet. I guess that's at least a timeline!

Double Masters

We are getting a small shipment of Double Masters product. I have emailed all the people with pre-orders that will be getting their orders filled. So, check your email if you want to know. My suppler still doesn't see a restock order on the horizon yet. I've only heard just internet rumors. Don't ask me what the rumors are; I don't spread them.

VIP Double Masters - English

I'll be getting a small restock of these coming in with the regular Double Masters boxes. Once I receive them, I will post them to the eCrater store. I'll be selling these individually in stead of by the case.

As always, for those of you waiting, if you want a refund, please let me know.

Taking the little victories where I can get them.

“Beauty is vain. It appears and like the wind, it's gone”

All News is Vague News


OK, I'm starting to get a little depressed here deliveing all this bad news. Here's where we are with product updates this week that people are chomping at the bit for:

All Double Masters

We've heard about rumors of something about a Double Masters reprint, but our supplier doesn't see any telling indicators that there is going to be a restock anytime soon.

If you want to wait it out, cool. But, please do let me know if you want a refund.


This product got delayed AGAIN at the Wizards printer, so our supplier has been hearing of a restock maybe by the end of the Month. But, again nothing showing their system that they have a restock order with Wizards at this time.

Same here. Let me know if you want to wait or not.

2020 is killin' me!

New Updates Page

Just testing this out to see if it works better in the future. Honestly, maintaining e-mail lists on top of everything else sounds like riding a bike. But, the bike is on fire, everything is on fire, and I'm in hell waiting for the sweet release of death. So, this is a test of the emergency Deemo's, MTG, etc. broadcast system. Let me know what you think; good, bad, ugly, whatever.