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Reasons to have your kitchen painted.

A choice of colour. There are over 3,000 paint colours you can choose from. 

You are bound to find one that suits your personality.

Reduced downtime. With the right painters, you’ll be able to use your kitchen

 throughout the process.

Get more out of your budget. By saving money on a complete renovation, 

you can invest in higher quality worktops, flooring and appliances.

Change the hardware. Consider upgrading your kitchen hardware as a complementary 

enhancement to your freshly painted cabinets. Even the placement can be changed.

Backsplash solutions. A talented kitchen painter can offer you

 innovative ideas for creating a unique backsplash.

 In conclusion

If you are happy with your cabinets and the layout but just want to update 

the colour and look, having your cabinets painted is a great way to do this.

 It allows you to spread your budget further with less intrusion.

So why us?

We are professional painters and designers. We have decades of experience, techniques and inspiration. We can provide you with exciting and innovative solutions. 

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