Declare the EvoS Minor at SUNY New Paltz!!!

The SUNY New Paltz Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program has been delivering a robust, exciting, interdisciplinary education in evolutionary principles since 2007. This award-winning program includes an 18-credit minor that can complement any major on campus. Further, 9 of these 18 credits can "double dip" or co-count along with another academic program (e.g., a major in anthropology, biology, or psychology). This program includes the EvoS Seminar Series, which brings major intellectual speakers who are experts in evolution onto campus to talk and meet with students in our program. Past speakers have included Harvard's Richard Wrangham, the American Museum of Natural History's Niles Eldredge, Stony Brook's Patricia Wright, and many more. The list of speakers, including links to free and streaming videos of our talks, is found here.

To sign up for the minor, simply send us an email indicating an interest in doing so, and we'll sign you up and set up a meeting to discuss your academic plans.

EvoS Director: Tom Nolen (

Founding EvoS Director: Glenn Geher (

EvoS Assistant: Jacqueline Di Santo (

Here is a brief Psychology Today article about our exciting EvoS program