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I'm Dean "Chainsaw" Laurier, a cattle farmer with a hand knack for all things chainsaw. Whether it be wood, or beef.

Safety First...

Wearing safety clothing can mean the difference between a serious injury or a minor accident. What safety PPE gear do you need when operating a chainsaw?


Your head protection should always be a priority. Kickback can cause the cutter bar to jump unexpectedly from the cut onto your head. These helmets also protect you from flying objects like twigs or branches from falling from fallen trees. Although, helmets may not be enough to protect against all chainsaw injuries.

Protect your eyes with visual protection

Chips, dirt and other debris that are left behind from cutting can cause eye injury. You should ensure that small flying objects cannot penetrate your eyes, regardless of whether you wear protective glasses or a visor. A variety of eye protection products are available to meet every need, including:

  • Aluminium Mesh Visors

  • Nylon mesh visors

  • Perspex Visors

  • Goggles and protective glasses


A running chainsaw is able to cut through conventional fabric. The fabric will be cut through immediately if it comes in contact with the blade of a chainsaw. Special fabrics can be stuffed with fibers which tangle or jam the chainsaw blade to prevent serious injury.


While you don't want to get your hands in the way of your saw's chain, glove safety means better grip, dexterity, and sensitivity. Goat leather, comfortable seams and heavy-duty gloves with soft materials have a better dexterity than bulky or heavy gloves. Technical chainsaw gloves are suitable for tough jobs thanks to the addition of spandex and nylon neoprene, as well as reinforced trigger fingers.

Protect your hearing

The user can experience hearing loss from high noise levels. Operators of non-electric saws are exposed to higher than 85 decibels. You must use hearing protection such as chainsaw earmuffs. They are long-lasting and ergonomically designed to prevent permanent damage.


You should feel safe, but also comfortable. Chainsaw boots are made of high-quality materials, reinforced toe caps and non-slip soles.

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