BE simply

The Gift

This is the thing,

the gift

of the Buddhas,

the Tantrics

and their like:

to find the transcendent in the mundane.

One need not go anywhere,

change any thing,

for the truth to be True,

the real to be Real.

We must only be still,

and pay attention.

I sit alone,

in my simple, bare-walled room.

How could anyone be bored?

There is so much going on!

Can no one else see this?

The Journey

Come join me in my paradise

if you are ready to BE, simply.

Even if not, come for a taste.

You may find that after

that delicious, teasing taste,

great effort will be required

in order for you to revisit

and ultimately to stay.

You may also find that

many visits will be required

to sustain you on your journey.

But journey you must.

And in the end,

when you do arrive to stay,

I promise

it will have been worth all your sorrows.