Ms. Thomson


Second semester students - Welcome!

Please remember that a combination of frequent checking of PowerSchools and your Google Classroom (I would strongly recommend adding push notifications and giving your parents access to your Google Classroom account for our class) will help you find success this semester. I do my best to update things here, but often do a little bit better job adding announcements to your Google Classroom! Please also know that you can always message me by email or Google Classroom. I am usually quite quick to respond.

Please check out our FACS Wish List!

This link contains an overview of items we can ALWAYS use in our classroom. Here is a shorter list of items we could use right now!

1. Paper products - paper plates, paper cups, paper napkins

2. Plastic silverware - spoons, forks, knives

3. Liquid dish soap (example: Dawn) to use for hand-washing dishes

4. Ziplock baggies of all sizes

5. Aluminum foil, wax paper, parchment paper

6. Donations of any supplies on the sewing supplies list to sponsor another FACS student

First semester FACS students - I miss you!

Red Cross Babysitting Cards: As anticipated (unfortunately) the Red Cross Cards will take quite awhile to come in. I will make sure there is a verbal and TV announcement once they have arrived, so that you may pick yours up. Thank you, families, for your patience with this! In the meantime, if you would like a reference, please feel free to use me! You can provide my school information to your potential employer (Rebecca Thomson/rthomson@wcpss.net/919.387.3033). I would also be happy to complete a written recommendation for you. Please just ask!

What's Due?

Again, please use your Google Classroom and PowerSchools to stay on top of missing work and due dates. Still have questions? You can always message me on Google Classroom, or email me (rthomson@wcpss.net). I am usually able to respond quite quickly! Parents, please remember that you can request to be added to your child's Google Classroom, too!

Links you may need:

Parent/Student Letter (Please also complete the Google Form that goes with it!)