Yoshinkan Aikido is the name of a style of Aikido which was founded in 1955 by Gozo Shioda (1915-1994), a student of Morihei Ueshiba. Shioda took the name for his style of Aikido from the name of his family’s dojo. Yoshinkan literally means “Hall for Cultivating the Spirit”. The techniques used in Yoshinkan are of a pre-war style, when Shioda studied Aikibudo with his master Morihei Uesiba in the Kobukan Dojo.

In Yoshinkan much attention is given to training what is known as the KIHON DOSA, or “basic movements”. Many techniques are trained in the form of a Kata (an exact sequence of movements), especially in the beginning stages of training.

The organizational structure of Yoshinkan Aikido is smaller than Aikikai (the traditional style of Aikido), but it is well represented in the Tokyo Police Department.

Currently, Yoshinkan Aikido is the official martial art style taught to police in Japan.