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Denton County Reclamation & Road District

Below are popular FAQ's but if you have other questions for the DCRRD, you can use the 'Contact' link to ask your questions.

Q: How is this tax computed?

A: Unlike your city, school and county taxes that are based on the value of the Property, this tax is based solely on the platted size of your lot. It is computed on the percentage of your lot in relation to one acre times the tax rate.

Q: Can I pay my taxes by credit card?

A: Yes, you can find the link to pay your DCRRD tax by credit card on your tax statement.

Q: What is Notice to Purchaser?

A: State Law requires the Seller to give notarized written Notice To Purchaser that the property being purchased is taxable by the district. The District has no means of enforcing the Notice. It is the Seller’s responsibility. The Purchaser has certain legal rights if Notice is not given.

Q: Does my Mortgage Company pay this tax?

A: Tax statements are sent to the property owner. If you have an escrow account, the District's tax is payable from your escrow the same as all other property taxes. It is suggested that you send a copy of the Tax Statement to your mortgage company to avoid the possibility of it being overlooked and having your District Tax become Delinquent. This also prevents duplicate payments being made by you and your mortgage company.

Q: Is this tax eligible for Homestead or any other exemptions?

A: This tax is not eligible for any type of exemptions.

Q: What is this tax for?

A: To pay each property owner's prorata share of the operational, maintanence and debt service costs of the District.