Don Chow

Selected Performance/Art Works

Venice International Performance Art Week

December, 2017

European Cultural Centre | Palazzo Mora - Venice, Italy

Photography: Mauro Sambo, Lorenza Cini

Solo performance: 'Afferare la Coda del Passero (Part One)'

Group performance: VestAndPage (collective opera)

Art's Birthday London

January, 2018

Red Gallery - London, England

Photography: Ivan Donadio

Solo performance: 'Afferare la Coda del Passero (Part Two)' (with Andrea Greenwood)

Full six-hour live web stream from Red Gallery, London with artists Eva Martino, Fay Burnett, Katie-Louise Vowles, Sylvie Shiwei Barbier, Maria Luigia Gioffre, Ashley-Louise McNaughton, Andrea Greenwood, Don Chow

Art's Birthday Tokyo

January, 2016

Art Lab Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan

Solo performance (sound): 'LMYVII' based on La Monte Young's Composition 1960 #7, with Trolley Bus aka Bryan Mulvihill

NOW (New Orchestra Workshop) Concert

December, 2015

Western Front - Vancouver, Canada

Composer, Conductor/Performer: 'Seven Breaths for Aylan Kurdi'

NOW (New Orchestra Workshop) Concert

November, 2014

Western Front - Vancouver, Canada

Composer, Conductor: 'Prayer for Assata Shakur (Part One, for nine musicians)


Asian-Canadian Music Series

May, 2002 (performances), July, 2017 (video)

VFS, Vancouver, Canada

Curator, Solo performance: 'Yellow Planet' with various artists

Yellow Peril Project Vol.1

Vinyl record, 1995

Artist, composer/producer

Spiderman vs. People's Liberation Army at Tiananmen Square

Video, 2010

Video artist

Premiered at Nara Art Bridge exhibition, Nara, Japan, 2010