The Virginia Open
& VA State Go Championship

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Registration Open for the 11th Virginia Open

Six rounds starting on 04/02/2022. Register

New! 11th VA Open Set in April 2022 (AGA EJ Announcement)

Award certificates, participation certificates and cash prizes are offered to six divisions: Open Elite, Open, Expert, Proficient, Intermediate and Novice.

Youth and female top performers in various divisions will also be recognized.
Non-Virginia players can also play.

Third Time’s a Charm: Jeff Zhang Crowns 2021 Virginia Champion After Consecutive Runner-ups

The 3rd Virginia State Go Championship final features best-of-three series, with game 1 in the National Go Center, and games 2 and 3 in Vienna VA.
Qingbo ‘Jeff’ Zhang took comeback wins in games 1 and 3 vs Yaming Wang, who used to be a key go organizer in Richmond VA. Both good at fighting, Zhang and Wang had plenty of ko fights and exchanges. Yet Zhang was sharp to seize opportunities in the endgame.
Growing up in Luoyang China, Zhang went to the same go school of Shi Yue 9P's. He loves reading books of a variety of subjects, including over 200 WeiQi TianDi magazines. He graduated from George Washington University with a masters degree. Prior to the pandemic, Zhang was on the top of AGA’s list for both tournaments played and rated games played. Zhang is a passionate go lover who even took multiple trips by bus and train to west coast and midwest tournaments.
Despite losses, Wang always remains calm and reviews every move for extra time, demonstrating sportsmanship: friendship trumps competition.
The VA State Championship utilizes 5 periods of 1 minute byo yomi to ensure game quality, and the three games total over 10 hours of deliberation.The CAFA-DC company, a financial safety and technology company, sponsored the recent three Virginia Open and three VA State Championship tournaments. Both prizes are $200 / $70.
The semifinal was held at Korean American Baduk Association in Annandale, VA on Nov. 6, 2021. Yaming Wang defeated Edward Zhang and Qingbo Zhang defeated Ruoshi Sun ( defeated Irvin Pajarillo earlier to earn the spot). James Lee was the director.
Previous VA State Championship winners: 1st (2019): Joshua Lee, Qingbo Zhang (runner-up), 2nd (2020): Edward Zhang, Qingbo Zhang (runner-up).

2020 Virginia State Championship Final

News/Result: Edward Zhang Wins 2020 Virginia Championship (Game SGF)

Saturday, Dec. 26 ,AGA Story,at OGS (, 1.5-hour Basic Time

Tournament Director: Gary Smith,NOVA Club

9am ET Semi-Final:(4) Edward Zhang def. (1) Ruoshi Sun;(2) Qingbo Zhang def. (3) Yaming Wang

2:30 pm Final:Edward Zhang def. Qingbo Zhang

Game Records

9th Virginia Open(Results & AGA Report

Who's Coming (4D+ 20 players; 1D-3D: 11; 1K-9K: 34; 10K-30K: 19)

BadukClub (TD & Admin, Easily Find Your Game)

8th Virginia Open, 9/28/2019(Vienna VA) Winner: Eric Lui 1P

2019 VA State Championship Final: 11/16

Joshua Lee 6D def. Qingbo Zhang (Annandale VA)

8th VA Open 2019 Photos (Album Link, Press Release)

Credits: CAFA Inc, Liang Yu, Justin Teng, Gary Smith, James Lee, Gurujeet Khalsa, Weiping Chen, Xinyu Zhang, Anna Liu, Qingbo Zhang, Grace Shan, Yuchen Zhu, Mark Keam, Ge Li, Dinny Li, Xinran Zuo, Huiming Zeng, Jing Zhang, Sihao Li, Jingfei Chen, Yufei Jiang, Shuo Wang, Jingyi Zhang, Kevin Wu, Xi Chen, Zhenying Gu, Kejun Kang.

Go game, originated in China over 3000 years ago.

Go is a 3000-year-old game with rich history, and well-known for its culture value as one of the "four art" in ancient Asia, among zithern, calligraphy and painting, and yet Go found its technology value in modern IT era as computer artificial intelligence (A.I.) deems it one of the most difficult game to master.

2009 US Open, Fairfax VA

Winners Report (page 11) , Crosstab

2009 North American Ing Masters Crosstab

The AGA chapters, Capital Go, NOVA Go and Korean American Baduk Association, with the support from the National Go Center, have served the community in various means: Go classes, tournaments, clubs, sharing events, video broadcasting, social media and etc.

Students Discover Go at an elementary school in Rockville MD in 2011

Tens of Go event organizers and volunteers, have taught classes in schools, hosted tournaments for players, promoted Asian culture and enhanced culture exchanges among all nationalities via playing Go.

AlphaGo 4-1 victory over Go grandmaster Lee Sedol in Seoul, South Korea in 2016

Greater Washington Metro Tournaments History & Open Division Winners

Cherry Blossom Tournament

2007.3.31 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Nicholas Jhirad

2008.3.29 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Yuan Zhou

2009.3.28 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Daniel Chou

2010.4.3 1st Edward Zhang , 2nd Zhenying Gu

2011.4.2 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Hal Small

2012.3.31 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Andrew Jackson

2013.4.20 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Yuan Zhou

2014.3.29 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Joshua Lee

2015.3.28 1st Joshua Lee, 2nd Keith Arnold

2016.4.9 1st Zhaonian Chen, 2nd Andy Liu

2017.4.29 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2018.4.7 1st Eric Lui, 2nd James Park

2019.3.30 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Justin Teng

Maryland Open Tournament

2007.5.26 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2008.5.24 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Trevor Morris

2009.5.23 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Edward Zhang

2010.5.29 1st Jie Li, 2nd Eric Lui

2011.5.28 1st Ke Huang, 2nd Yuan Zhou

2012.5.27 1st Andy Liu, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2013.5.25 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Yuan Zhou

2014.5.24 1st Andy Liu, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2015.5.23 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2016.5.28 1st Zhangbokang Tang, 2nd Shiyao Qiao

2017.5.27 1st Zhaonian Chen, 2nd Eric Lui

2018.5.26 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Justin Teng

2019.5.25 1st Alan Huang, 2nd Eric Lui

Back to School Tournament

2010.9.8 1st Zhenying Gu, 2nd Binquan Wang

2013.9.21 1st Zhixiong Shi

2014.9.20 1st Keith Arnold, 2nd Kabe Chin

2016.9.14 1st Qingbo Zhang, 2nd Frederick Bao

2017.9.9 Moon Cha Memorial 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Joshua Lee

2018.9.8 DC Fall Open 1st Yuan Zhou, 2nd Justin Teng

2019.9.7 1st Frederick Bao, 2nd Justin Teng

Pumpkin Classic Tournament

2007.10.27 1st Trevor Morris, 2nd Daniel Chou

2008.10.25 1st Phillip London, 2nd Leishan Chen

2009.10.24 1st Jing Guo, 2nd Edward Zhang

2010.10.30 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Jing Guo

2011.10.29 1st Zhixiong Shi, 2nd Ray Hunley

2012.10.27 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Edward Zhang

2013.10.26 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Ray W Hunley

2014.10.25 1st Joshua Lee, 2nd Saki Fujita

2015.10.24 1st Saki Fujita, 2nd Joshua Lee

2016.10.29 1st Dairong Xu, 2nd Justin Teng

2017.10.28 1st Won Suk Suh, 2nd Joshua Lee

2018.10.27 1st Frederick Bao, 2nd Justin Teng

2019.10.26 1st Qingbo Zhang, 2nd Jialong Qing

UMD Tournament

2007.3.18 UMBC Spring Thing 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Keith Arnold

2007.4.1 John Groesch Memorial 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Charles G. Robbins

2007.10.7 UMBC 1st I-Han Lui, 2nd Bo Qian

2008.3.30 John Groesch 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Todd Blatt & Xiaoling Du

2008.4.12 UMBC Spring Tournament 1st Eric Lui 2nd Jie Liang & Yuan Zhou

2008.10.12 UMBC Fall 2008 Tournament 1st I-Han Lui 2nd Eric Lui

2009.4.11 John Groesch 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Jamie Salts

2009.4.18 UMBC NAIM Qualifier 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Jie Li

2009.11.22 UMBC Fall 2009 Tournament 1st Jianbo Liu, 2nd Andrew Sim

2010.2.20 John Groesch 1st Joe Shin, 2nd Jamie Salts

2010.4.24 UMBC NAMTQ & Spring Handicap 1st Jie Li, 2nd Eric Lui

2010.9.4 UMD Back to School Go Tournament 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Yunhuang Zhao

2010.10.23 UMBC Fall 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Gikuyu Nderitu

2011.3.20 John Groesch Memorial 1st Takemasa Miyoshi, 2nd Gurujeet Khalsa

2014.11.16 UMBC Fall 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Justin Teng

UVA Tournament

2008.4.5 1st John Moore, 2nd Dima Arinkin

2008.11.15 1st Jonathan Faulkner, 2nd Tim Pollio

Lunar New Year Tournament

2007.2.3 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd James Wu

2008.2.2 1st Hong-Suk Song, 2nd Yuan Zhou & Renjie Wang

2009.1.24 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Zhou Yuan

2010.2.27 1st Yi Jin Chen, 2nd Jing Guo

2011.2.26 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Odie Hestnes

2012.2.11 1st Joshua Lee, 2nd Yuan Zhou & Hsien-Ho Chang

2013.2.16 Go Convention Bei Dou Xiong Cup Greater Washington Championship 1st Ruxu Cao, 2nd Ruinian Wang & Zeyu Xu

2014.2.15 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Edward Zhang

2015.2.28 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd Yuan Wang

2016.2.27 1st Yuan Wang, 2nd Justin Teng

2017.2.11 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Yuang Lin

2018.2.10 1st Yuan Zhou, 2nd Joshua Lee

2019.2.15 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Justin Teng

2020.2.29 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Justin Teng

Congress Tune-up Tournament

2007.7.14 1st Daniel Chou, 2nd David Wong

2008.7.19 1st Craig Garrett, 2nd Matthew Bengtson

2009.7.18 1st Wei Chen, 2nd Sihao Li

2010.6.26 1st Jian Liu, 2nd Daniel Chou & Ray Hunley

2011.7.16 1st Joshua Lee, 2nd Jimmy Yang

2012.7.14 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Jimmy Yang

2013.6.22 School’s Out 1st Pinkerton James, 2nd Nicholas Jhirad

2015.6.13 1st Saki Fujita & Yizhi Wang, 2nd Joshua Lee

2017.7.15 Summer Sizzler 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Justin Teng

2018.6.23 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Justin Teng & Qingbo Zhang

2019.6.22 1st Jake Game, 2nd James Funk

Slate & Shell Tournament

2007.12.15 Holiday Helper 1st Trevor Morris, 2nd James Wu

2008.12.13 Holiday Helper 1st Andrew Jackson, 2nd Richard Kim

2009.12.12 1st Edward Zhang, 2nd Charles G. Robbins

2010.12.11 1st Won Suk Suh, 2nd James Park & Edward Zhang

2011.12. 1st Jimmy Yang, 2nd Joshua Lee

2012.12.15 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Willis Huang

2013.12.14 1st Edward Zhang, 2nd Allan Abramson

2014.12.13 1st Xiao Jian, 2nd Haskell Small

2015.12.19 1st Kelsey Dyer, 2nd Joshua Lee & Edward Zhang

2016.12.10 1st Joshua Lee, 2nd Qingbo Zhang

2017.12.9 1st Yong Chen, 2nd Ran Zhao

2018.12.8 Winter Warmer 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Frederick Bao

2019.12.14 Winter Warmer 1st Haskell Small, 2nd Qingbo Zhang

May Madness Tournament

2008.5.17 May Madness 1st Matthew Bengtson, 2nd Richard Kim

2009.5.16 May Madness 1st Kevin Chin, 2nd Kabe Chin

2011.5.7 May Madness 1st Jimmy Yang, 2nd Wesley Wu

2012.5.12 May Madness 1st Kelvin Chin, 2nd Kabe Chin

2019.5.4 Cinco de Mayo 1st Justin Teng, 2nd Qingbo Zhang

JHU Tournament

2007.4.7 1st Scott Waldron, 2nd Todd Blatt

2007.11.20 1st Haofan Wang, 2nd Patrick Allen

2008.6.21 1st Matthew Bengtson, 2nd Maverick Lin

2008.11.8 1st Patrick Allen, 2nd Scott Waldron

2015.4.19 Blue Jay Spring Cup 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Victor Kang

2016.4.23 8th Blue Jay Spring Cup 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Saki Fujita


2007.1.27 Slate and Shell Open 1st Max Peterson, 2nd Yuan Zhou

2007.11.17 Moon Cha Memorial 1st Keith Arnold, 2nd Ken Koester

2009.8.2 US Open 1st Myung-Wan Kim, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2009.9.12 Baltimore Go Club Fall Fischer 1st Eric Lui, 2nd Patrick Allen

2010.11.13 Moon Cha Memorial 1st Won Suk Suh, 2nd James Park

2011.4.23 Blacksburg Go Club End of School Tournament 1st Jimmy Yang, 2nd Keenan Moukarzel

2011.6.17 DC-area North America Ing Masters 1st Yuan Zhou & Daniel Chou

2012.9.29 DC Metropolitan Area School

2012.12.2 Friendship Match

2014.4.27 Washington Open Baduk Championship 1st Andy Lui, 2nd Zhaonian Chen

2018.7.22 US Go Congress Masters Division 1st Zirui Song, 2nd Dalhoon Ahn

2018.7.22 US Go Congress Open 1st Tianyi Chen, 2nd Brandon Zhou