DCarsonCPA on Tax Services for Industry, Non Profits, Individuals and Family needs

DCarsonCPA on Tax Services for:

  • Business / Industry Services ( Corporations, S-Corps, LLCs, Partnerships, Development Entities, Funds, Schedule C - Sole Proprietorships and other needs. Forms 1120, 1120-S, 1065, 1040, 941 et al
  • Non Profits - Payroll and Donations lines Form 990 Short and Long Forms. Directors and Donors. Foundations, Endowments and Services.
  • SAL Govt - State and Local Tax needs
  • Individuals and Families - Form 1040 and related schedule needs based on your profile and an Investment Neutral support to independent Wealth Management checks and balances on Individual and Family Wealth Accounting Services.
  • International Tax Treaties, Transfer Pricing - US, UK, AUS, CA, IRE, FR, DE and related lines to needs as needed.

The DCarsonCPA difference on Services #NYC and #Global to the Economy and Financials Ours is a practice built on Wall Street and Main Street skills at the roads of Global Wealth at Work in the Economy and Financials where the Pensions, Investments, Risk and Insurance lines meet Wall Street and Main Street with a strong knowledge of Portfolio Wealth across domains for Equity, Fixed Income, ETF, Residential and Commercial Property and Real Estate lines, Traditional and Alternative Assets and the many variants of Wealth and how they meet Accounting, Financials and the Laws, Rules, Manuals, Forms, Filings, Bulletins and Quality Control on Tax Reporting. We work to the Standards of AICPA Tax Services and the IRS circular 230 lines and our own additional standards of quality and care for client services including common sense and a high standard of duty of care to both client and tax authority needs in the balance. Tax Policy connects the expressed will of Entity, Policy and Community lines to needs to be governed and to fund government needs at various levels of National, State, Local and as applicable International lines to needs. We work with a strong perspective of hands on Tax Services over 24+ years in varying dimensions with migration from CFO and Controller line Tax Accounting of the First 16+ years working with External CPAs and Direct Taxing Authorities IRS, SALT and International lines as evolved to the more recent 8+ years of all points Tax Services for Tax Clients beyond Entities and Individuals to encompass the range of ALL Tax lines. We work with the complete perspective of Entity, Policy and Community #EPC Lines on Tax Services for robust perspective to think on Economist, Analyst, Actuaral, Financial, Compliance, Paralegal and Legal support teamwork and core accounting and filings to needs in context. We have strong lines of Federal, Multi-State, NYS and NYC, and International perspective to needs from US, UK (HMRC) , CA, AUS, IRE, EU, FR, DE, JAPAN, SOKO and other lines to needs most consistent with Trade and Commerce, Global and Domestic Business, Dual Residency and other needs as diverse as Enterprises and Individuals and Families in Wealth and Enterprise profiles with agility to leverage Project Management skills and cross functional Macro and Micro Financial, Legal, Policy, Technology, Business, Non Profit, Govt and Community lines to Entity and Individual / Family needs including Estates and Trusts and Probate lines AND the complex lines of Solvency, Bankruptcy, Turnaround, Liquidity, Disaster Recovery and Forensics to needs to help on Books and Records, Forms and Filings and Value in Context to IRS, IRC, Multi-Stat (SALT Tax) and International Tax needs from the NYC to National to Global lines with strong skills of multi-disciplinary and core financial analysis.

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We work with as a White Glove Service on Individual and Family Taxes in NYC to meet you on your Schedule to help on needs and via remote. For On Site and Mobile to needs Services, Applied Research and Outreach to keep you informed on Multi-Level Tax needs including Tax Policy in Formation and the many relevant lines of Laws, Rules, Manuals, Forms, Filings, Bulletins and Updates from across the Wall Street and Main Street lines on survey to needs with strong detailed map downs to the precision of needs where we meet on services. Our Value is the strong agility of hands on experience and applied research across multi-dimensional lines to needs to help on Tax Reporting, Tax Governance and Compliance with full perspective to the abstracts of Policy and Tax Objectives from Origination points with Context to the applied lines of detail Tax Practice for the details of forms, filings and compliance needs. Our Macro and Micro Perspective works in the Framework of PLR -GRC (Policy, Laws, Rules - Governance, Risk and Compliance for strong EPC lines on end to end support services to needs). As we evolve to Economist and Legal skills on the next steps of the line we bring you years of study on Economics of Tax Policy and Comparative Global, Domestic and SALT Taxation Lines for Context with full drill down lines to best in class technology and research to help on Tax Support lines. We align for your Industry, Business, Corporation, SCorp, LLC, Partnership, Start Up, Development Entity, Scehdule C, Non Profit (Endowments, Foundations, Service Enterprises, Faith Based Services et al), Individual / Family, Govt, Policy and Community needs depending on the project role and offer additional strong services for Tax Project Management to work with Technology lines on Compliance, Filings and Automation, Multi-Dimensional Taxing Authority and Entity and Calendaring lines to needs.

Our skills and agility to lean allow us to work with strong fixed fee arrangements within relevant ranges of inputs to needs as we advance with strong optimization skills for multi-dimensional needs on Financials, Data, Analysis and Reporting on Our GRL STEM lines for the synthesis of Engineering and Accounting lines to Taxation and Analysis as one of several dimensions to needs where we can help. DCarsonCPA on Tax Services for the hands on with abstract analysis skills to needs and agility to performance.

DCarsonCPA on Tax Services is a dimensional subset of the DCarsonCPA Domestic and Global lines, DCarsonCPAMFCOne, DCarsonCPAonAdvisory and GRLSTEM lines as the synthesis of 24 years of skills on Accounting, Taxation, Reporting, Compliance and Analysis for the GAAP, IFRS, TAX, OCBOA, Regulatory Per Sector lines and the Roll Up lines to Economist, Analyst, Actuarial and Financial lines on Value, Legal and Policy lines on Governance and the Technology lines of Strong Connection to help on Teamwork. We have committed substantial elements and assets to resource development to help on your needs and welcome your interest and support on services which in turn helps us to continue to grow on Economist and Analyst, Legal and Policy lines as a continually developing line for improvements in the Economy and Financials. We are a dual purpose business for Client Services and for Social improvements on Exceptional Teamwork and Teamwork on Domestic and Global lines of Freedom and Liberty where our skills and Agility to work with National, State and Local and Global lines to needs for example on US - UK, CA, AUS, FR, DE , IT , JA and SOKO lines can be an asset in the aggregate to supporting productive needs on teamwork for continual improvements. We value the opportunity to have grown on multi-tiered lines of domestic and global accounting, taxation, financial reporting, audit, compliance and economic analysis in PLR GRC (Policy, Laws, Rules and Governance, Risk Compliance Frameworks which in turn has strengthened our ability with agility to see Global Taxation and Policy to needs to help on performance). We welcome your calls on Tax Services which focus the strength of Our Drive on Tax Research with Compliance to your needs to meet obligations on Tax and Reporting lines. Thank you for Reading These lines on Outreach and we Welcome to support your interim , project and more permanent needs on Tax, Tax Services, Tax Project Management, Tax Compliance and Tax Analysis at www.dcarsoncpa.com .