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The Composite of Our Work Including DCarsonCPA Economics and Statistics, DCarsonCPA on Statistics, DCarsonCPA on Trade, DCarsonCPA Global and more into Our Line of Macro and Micro Financials, Legal, Technology and Social Research for almost a decade now with Study into an agility line of Abstract and Core Value to help Industry, Non Profit, Government, NGO and Community lines to continual improvements on Decision Making in Support of Macro to Micro Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch Policy level and roll out and feedback Loop ( Financials, Audits, OIGs et al) to Entities, Policies and Communities and the corresponding lines of Entities, Directors on Boards, Boards, C-Level and Senior Executives, Management, Staff, Shareholder and Stakeholder lines to Communities on Value and back to Policy in continual loops of Testing and Analysis at a certain level very much support on Entity Level as Corporate Governance skill to the GRC, ITGRC Self Governance and Compliance lines to the Economy and Policy and to Shareholders and Stakeholders as defined. Where across the lines of Macro and Micro Financials, Policy, Goverace and Audit, Risk Management, Testing and Control lines Statistics themselves are one of the key tool sets an more the lines we have spent more than 9 years at date 4/2/19 beyond study to following the applied input and output statistical application lines for the Domestic and Global Economy, Entities, Products, Markets, Software, Programming, Data Science, Open Gov, Engineering and the Entity and Cross Sector lines of the Value Chain of Trade, Aid, Commerce and Government to Financial Governance in it's many forms where Macro and Micro Financials, Legal and Technology meet on Teamwork.

Our interest and goal being Legal Economist skills to help on Debt and Deficit Level Challenges we self funded to a line of Entity, Policy and Community Value to help on the Economy and that empowered us with a unique skill to connect macro and micro frames to needs with Statistics in on Financials, Risk, Audit, Analysis, Economic, Legal and Social Research. We lack presently for the Papered line to the MS Statistics and JD at Laws (and Institutional Legal Theory) but have at core every segment of the Laws, Rules, Manuals, Forms, Filings and Governance to Statistics in scope as Excellence support lines from which to help on Statistical, biostatistical (Pharma, Health, Education, Industry, Government, Community and Science), Actuarial, Financial, Corporate Finance, Risk Reserves and Losses, CAGR, GIPS, Data Science, Analysis and Context to Economy , Employment, GDP et al built from a will to help on the Economy and the Disconnects from Economics and Statistics at Policy where Elected Representatives work with feed back loops invariably aligned to Growth, Risk, Logistics and STEM working on Value Per Spend, Cost Benefit and Outcome aligned points where somehow the synergy from Macro Policy to Micro Policy and Entity Financials has an average of a statistical gap where outcomes wander from intent and should be continuously scored but are more frequently randomly scored, continually accounted and periodically are tested by legal and financial audits and statistical measures of returns to the Economy, Entities and Communities. Our related skills of deep study included Trade, Aid, Inter-State Commerce and the entity and cross sector lines of Financials, Health, Energy, Agriculture, Transport and many other lines. Our goal of origin to stand with a referential compass from which to meet on demand needs with lean strategy through #GRLSTEM .

We live in Age of Excellence, An Age of Averages, An Age of Misery and and Age of Obtuse HR and Vendor Portal Analysis that tends to miss simple facts on skills analysis due to the fact that the great generation has marched off the field and every other generation seems to parlay to an over reliance on technology and an under reliance on the powers of observation and cross analysis. For these reason we sometimes have to spell out facts that seem obvious but may not be so clear to those empowered to make decisions but not equipped with the tools to see the value. This is part of the genesis of Our DCarsonCPA HR Task Force lines designed to help to address critical deficiencies in software commonly relied upon to map skills to needs for entities but in a manner not so very well aligned to the PnL needs of Entities or the Critical needs from entities in the economy and Financials.

Case in Point is understanting the value of CPAs and Analysts to Statistics and seeing the Actuarial and related lines to Social and Cross Sector Statistics and " Data Science" which actually finds it's value in purpose from Context to Underlying needs on Financials and Decision Making as no one is funding any line of statistical workflows without a business context to entity returns or loss limits and mitigation to risk factors or a Government or Non Profit context to support X Factor Societal Value with Policies, Programs, and Services at aim ( where X Factor is the societal returns of saving a life, feeding a mouth, healing the sick, housing the homeless et al an many other societal and community needs like paving roads and funding schools,supporting energy, agriculture, populations, trade, government, security and national defense). There is no place where a CPA, an Analyst, an Actuary, Statistician or Data Scientist work that is not interconnected from an analogous line of Value to Source where source statistics are bubbling up a cost benefit weighted value to decision making otherwise we hope said statistics or data science would rationally not be funded unless providing bottom line or X Factor Value to Decision Making where Outcomes are determined not for Profit Growth, Loss Limitation or Risk Aversion in the Growth, Risk and Logistics Frame with STEM ( www.grlstem.com)

1. Every Accountant who becomes a CPA has twice studied Statistics (likely Statistics 1 + 2) visa vi the Bachelors Degree and the CPA Curricula and the Role of Statistics which is integrally important for Audit Samples, Testing an Balance Testing in Relation to Financials and Management Reporting if not Audited Financials.

2. We have skills on CPA and Analyst and Actuarial Path lines which can equate to Thrice mapped Statistics to value in the Workplace for the CPA, CFA and Actuarial Lines to Financials, Reporting, Analysis and Risk. #ThriceMappedStatistics

3. Every Step of the Careers line from DCarsonCPA has been into a line where Statistics play an important role in the Overall Business Activity Lines in context to Entity, Policy and Community Value on #EPCLines with #GRLSTEM where the Statistics simultaneously play a role of importance to Risk Management (and related Corporate Governace, GRC, ITGRC, Strong Controls, Audit ad Analysis support), Growth Strategy (Eco Systems, Markets Analysis, Market Share, Size of the Market, Price Statistics, Volume of Trade, Revenues, Losses, Sales, Growth, Insurance, Premiums, Claims, Underwriting, Investment Portfolios, Investment Returns and GIPS et al, Loss Reserves for Financial Institutions Banks, Insurers, Credit Unions and Broker-Dealers) yielding to a point of advanced reference to the Entity and Cross Sector Lines and the Statistics at work as a tool to decision making, financials, audit, risk, government, corporate governance and social policy with command of abstract value to the economy, core value to financials and applied lines of statistics through the manuals of excellence and the lines of collective domestic and global support to statistical needs in the economy and financials. This overlay of deep applied Statistical Research is the line that while not common in full context to the isolated Accountant role is fully relevant to the role of the Auditor from the Entity out to the collective workflows of Auditors to Decision Makers in the economy and policy. Our Systemic command of Statistics at work is in some manner a proxy for an MS in Statistics to help on needs on related workflows and we like that the MATH is deeply at the core to Data Science, Statistical, Actuarial and Investment Return and Investment or Policy Loss workflows as well as applied lines of statistical and audit work and measurements. This makes for Our Fourth and most compelling line of statistical value to see the support lines and to stand prepared to help on needs from Engineering to Financials to Project Management to Linear Programming, Statistical Modeling and support of these contextual elements of abstract value to core value on financials and decision making rolling up from entities to the economy and back from the economy at once in the ebb and flow that matches the lapping of the waves from the sea to the shore back and forth defining the (metaphorical) coast lines of our economy.

While there is always room to grow and perfect that we embrace as the why of our learning to place the skills in context - we immediately and most certainly can aid value to Statistical, Actuarial, Data Science and Engineering including Data Engineering and Technology lines working statistical measurements, methods and analysis along with uncertainty , assumptions, sample risk and social statistics into the line, staff and community points of Entity , Policy and Community needs in:

  • Financial Sectors ( DCarsonCPA PIRI Lines and Global Capital Markets )
  • Health
  • Pharma
  • Education
  • Non Profits
  • Demographics
  • Government
  • Corporate Governance and Audit
  • Actuarial
  • Analyst
  • Legal Sector (Policy, Detection, Analysis and Response)
  • Security
  • Risk Management
  • Applied Statistics
  • Research and Social Statistics

and may more lines.....

DCarsonCPA www.dcarsoncpa.net on roll forward Classic on Economist and Analyst lines www.dcarsoncpa.com and GRLSTEM www.grlstem.com on the open lines of techology and teamwork support with core context to #growth #risk #logistics and #stem. #Economist #Analyst #ActuarialApprentice #DataScience #DataEngineering #financial #legal #technology and #teamwork support lines. #GRC #ITGRC #Cyber

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