DCarsonCPA EPC Lines

DCarsonCPA EPC Lines (in Lean Beta)

  • Entity
  • Policy
  • Community

DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines E + CS lines

DCarsonCPA Domestic Lines http://www.dcarsoncpa.com/addtl_sources/economic_research

DCarsonCPA on Advisory (line out to Wix http://dean1851.wixsite.com/dcarsoncpaonadvisory and main http://www.dcarsoncpa.com/expertise/advisory )

Entity Policy Community lines on EPC Frameworks (insert diagram)

LRG + GRC (Government to Entity Framework: Laws Rules, Government and Entity to Community Level Governance, Risk and Compliance http://www.dcarsoncpa.com/prtc_lines/grc_-_governance_risk_and_compliance including ITGRC main at technology at www.grlstem.com ; Risk + Cyber and Aggregate Risk via Main )

More to follow....... here DataScicence, Macro and Micro Financials, Legal, Technology and Teamwork meet in support to Entity, Policy and Community needs. Where Value across Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Community lines brings synergy for improvements to help on the Economy and Financials.

Engineering and Contextual Frameworks for Decision Making ( via www.GRLSTEM.com 2Q18 initiatives)

In anticipation of #AI #innovation and #innovationstewardship needs (#Growth #Risk and #Logistic #GRLSTEM www.grlstem.com and #DCarsonCPAPrecisionLines via #GRLSTEM )

Mapped of GRL Frameworks

Complexity on #GRC and #ITGRC integration bridges through #STEM

On Web (GRID) Off Web (GRID) population statistics

Impulse Risk and GRID risk to Humanity

Fast Track to www.GRLSTEM.com

#ValueinContesxt and #CoreValue support from www.dcarsoncpa.com lines on Macro and Micro Financial, Legal, Technology, and Social Research to Teamwork with compliant communications and analysis to the composite core of Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Govt and Community Services, Applied Research and Outreach to build for improvements . We work with Macro, Micro, Legal, Technology and Social Research to build on Teamwork. This is a knowledge age to build for improvements where DataScience and Analysis meet performance lines. We bring the right skills on Abstract Analysis and Hands on Detailed lines with strong CFO / Controlling, Project Management, Business Analyst (SME and IT), Paralegal , Analyst and Compliant Communications and Ed Tech skills to make it happen). #STEM #CFO #PM #BA #Analyst to #Economist #Statistician #Actuarial #Quant #Engineering support lines with #ValueinContext from #CoreValue and #CoreofValue support lines. We think in Top Down and Bottom Up Analyst Terms with end to end views. Bringing the strong skills to work across composite and segmented drill down support lines to build for improvements for beneficial owners and societal stakeholders in the Aggregate. #Strategy #Operations and channeled skills to needs on project, process, change management and analysis lines. We can help on your needs Today #EPCLines from www.dcarsoncpa.com and www.grlstem.com on teamwork.