* RobotDyn AC Light Dimmer


* Control AC bulb using Arduino and AC Light dimmer module with Triac BTA16 600B


* Code modefied by Ahmad Shamshiri on Friday Oct 25, 2019, in Ajax, Ontario, Canada


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#include <RBDdimmer.h>//

//#define USE_SERIAL SerialUSB //Serial for boards whith USB serial port

#define USE_SERIAL Serial

#define outputPin 12

#define zerocross 5 // for boards with CHANGEBLE input pins

#define potPin A0 // define the input pin for potentiometer

/// fix potentiometer issue

const int potMin = 70;// watch video (link above) for details

const int potMax = 804;// watch video (link above) for details

int potValue;// watch video (link above) for details

//dimmerLamp dimmer(outputPin, zerocross); //initialase port for dimmer for ESP8266, ESP32, Arduino due boards

dimmerLamp dimmer(outputPin); //initialase port for dimmer for MEGA, Leonardo, UNO, Arduino M0, Arduino Zero

int outVal = 0;

void setup() {


dimmer.begin(NORMAL_MODE, ON); //dimmer initialisation: name.begin(MODE, STATE)


void loop()


potValue =analogRead(potPin);// read potentiometer


// watch video (link above) for details

outVal = map(potValue, 22, 1023, 100, 0); // analogRead(analog_pin), min_analog, max_analog, 100%, 0%);



USE_SERIAL.print(" ");



dimmer.setPower(outVal); // name.setPower(0%-100%)



* correctValue()

* Corrects the value for AC dimmer module

* Written by Ahmad Shamshiri on Oct 25, 2019

* watch my Robojax YouTube video vor details



void correctValue()


if(potValue <potMin)


potValue =potMin;


if(potValue >potMax)


potValue =potMax;


}//correctValue() end