Hello – WELCOME to our Heisey study club!

Our study club is chartered by The Heisey Collectors of America, Inc (HCA) and we support and carry out their goals and objectives in the following manner:

  • By bringing together Heisey glass collectors for the purpose of studying and exchanging knowledge of Heisey glass

  • By familiarizing the public with the objectives of this club and to increasing general interest in collecting Heisey glass

  • By urging the preservation of Heisey glass in the National Heisey Glass Museum located in Newark, Ohio

  • By endeavoring, through various projects, to help support the museum.

Our programs are designed for those with a casual interest in Heisey glass as well as the seasoned collector and dealer. Members and guests are encouraged to bring pieces of glass to the meeting to further the knowledge of Heisey glass.

Our club meets on the third Tuesday of the months of September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May. We have an annual Christmas party and a club picnic during the summer. Locations and times vary. Please contact the President or Secretary for details.

Joining our club is easy!

  • First, you must be an active member of the Heisey Collectors of America, Inc. An Associate Membership for one person is $30.00 (plus $5.00 for each additional joining household member). Voting members pay a one-time fee of $25.00 each. We have application forms available or you may join on-line at www.HeiseyMuseum.org

  • Secondly, our annual club dues are $10.00 per person per year.

  • You may attend up to three meetings before deciding to become a club member.

If you have any questions, please contact:

President, Cheryl Hoskins at 937.938.6983

Secretary, Mary Ann Spahr at 937.372.7166.

Meetings at the Greene Memorial Hospital have been suspended

and are now being held on the internet.

Chartered by The Heisey Collectors of America, Inc in 1973,

The Dayton Area Heisey Collectors Club is now over 40 years old.

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