DC Catering is your full service provider.

Daycare Centers

  • We can provide breakfast, lunch and snack.
  • We can deliver the food to your daycare center.
  • We can provide special meals upon request, including vegetarian meals and infant size meals.


  • Make your lunch program into a school fundraiser!
  • We offer hot and cold breakfast, lunch, and snacks delivered right to your school.
  • We can help you setup a new kitchen and provide servers at your request.
  • We are also a provider for the 6 Cents Program.

What makes us different?

Daycare Catering Services, Inc. has a mission and strong passion—to provide God’s children with a consistently nutritious, varied and tasty meal each and every day to help nourish their bodies and minds.

Furthermore, we pledge to carry out our mission in a timely, friendly, cost-effective and hassle-free manner for our Daycare Centers.

In short, we love what we do, are proud of what we do and take this awesome responsibility very seriously.

While our ultimate customers are the precious children that we nourish on a daily basis, we fully realize that the kids’ parent s and the Daycare Center caregivers and administrators are critical customers that we must serve and satisfy each day as well. While we nourish the bodies of kids, we also ease the minds of parents, teachers, and administrators through the high quality of food and service we provide.

Below here are just a few examples of the quality food that we serve!

Food Slide Show