Policy Positions

Let's support the poor, working class and the elderly, Along with our Veterans

  • Expanding Medicaid in the State to comply with the ACA, and pushing the conversation forward, towards Medicare for All.
  • Instituting a program for young families to receive vouchers for a Child Care subsidy, so that working families don't carry too much of a burden when trying to provide for their children while working in our communities, and allow both parents to pursue a career if they want.
  • Re-instituting Food Stamps to the thousands that lost it when NC Counties lost their poverty designation (which it most certainly still is impoverished, outside the towns).
  • Ending Cash Bail as it disproportionately affects the poor, and minorities. Only major crimes should have a bail amount, and IF there is bail, it should be scaled to the accused's assets.
  • We have a very high population of Veterans in North Carolina, both living and working and retired, and our VA system needs help. The Republicans in the General Assembly have done nothing to support them, and that needs to change. They want them to fight our wars, but they don't want to help them when they get back!
  • Let's stop the GOP's War on Women by supporting Planned Parenthood and clinics like it who give low cost or no cost care to women for their reproductive health! Let's stop regressive policies like Abortion Bans and enact the ERA!

Let's make Climate Change a top priority IN NC

  • Make Green Energy in North Carolina a focus. Wind, solar, the ocean currents; these are all power sources that are renewable and sustainable. Let's move towards them and away from coal and natural gas!
  • No new oil drilling. No new oil wells, and no new natural gas stockpiles. No new coal. We must stop using fuels that are dangerous for the environment.
  • Public transportation will take thousands of cars off of the road and their polluting internal combustion engines.
  • Vouchers for consumers to buy electric vehicles.
  • Jail polluters, AND fine them. For too long, white collar criminals have been getting special treatment in our courts. That must stop, now!

Let's Support Small Business and our Communities!

  • Supporting Small, Locally owned and operated businesses so that they can compete with the national chains that want to come into our communities and destroy what makes North Carolina so special; Our small and locally owned businesses. Repealing regulations and lowering hurdles and barriers to entry for local business would create plenty of job opportunities.
  • Increasing Public Transportation, mainly cheap fare, sustainably powered, convenient and reliable, Intra-County and Intra-City Buses, but also including light rail. If more people without transportation could enter the workforce that's good for employers and it's good for the people! You can't work a job if you can't get there.
  • We need to incorporate Locally Run Municipal ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to allow communities to have control of their own internet service, and add competition to the internet market, something the Republicans are supposed to be for, but because they've been bought by the Telecoms like Spectrum and Charter, they are frequently against communities having a say and a choice for internet and cable services.

Let's Enact Progressive Social Policies!

  • Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. It's past time North Carolina led the way on protecting and supporting our women.
  • Green Energy Initiatives are critical in trying to mitigate some of the damage we've done by dumping CO2 into the atmosphere and exacerbating the greenhouse effect. We must do as much as possible to stop climate change within NC as we can, though the Federal level is where the brunt of the change must occur to have any hope of forestalling this disaster.
  • Never approving an ICE migrant "Concentration Camp" to be operated within the borders of the state.
  • Medical Marijuana is a bulwark against the epidemic of opioid abuse we're facing as a state and a nation, and instituting Medical Marijuana clinics and shops in North Carolina would absolutely save lives. Every state that has initiated it has seen a drop in opioid addiction and deaths.
  • Recreational Marijuana use could be legalized and taxed, supporting addiction services in the state along with adding billions to the state budget. We also have areas in the Piedmont and the Appalachian mountains that would greatly benefit in the form of job opportunities and tax revenue if it were legalized.
  • The opioid crisis is one that is talked about much less than it should be, and in hushed tones, because addiction is something people prefer to hide. We need more treatment options and opportunities in the state, along with having Narcan on hand at every pharmacy and in every apartment complex. This saves lives, and the next one saved could be your son or daughter.

Let's Break Their Majority and Unite!

  • Let's break the Republican majority in the NC House and register as many new voters as possible. This will give us an advantage in this election, and in the elections to come. Especially after the census in 2020 and the redraw in 2021. It's so imperative we win this election, and we can't wait, that way the redraw is in our hands, and not the Republicans'.
  • Defeat Thom Tillis in 2020 and Richard Burr in 2022 in the US Senate, and in my district specifically, defeating David Rouzer (R-07) with anyone who will run against him.
  • Organize progressive Democrats in the NC House to form a caucus focused on fighting for poor and working class people.
  • Re-Instating powers lost by the governor after Roy Cooper was elected in 2016 and the Republicans stole the Governor's various powers.

Let's Stop the Corruption!

  • I announced on the day the Chairman of the NC GOP was indicted for bribery. There are too many sweetheart deals, double dealing, and pork in the General Assembly and as Representatives of the people we should be putting the citizens first, and not ourselves. Our job is to work for you, not to enrich ourselves or grab power by any means necessary.
  • Investigate and prosecute (when necessary) corporate polluters in our State with all of the powers the NC House has, including subpoena power. GenX from Chemours and other large corporations just dump pollution and runoff into our rivers and it goes into the water we all drink. This needs to stop, and the people who are responsible must be held accountable.
  • I will use the subpoena and investigative powers of the General Assembly to put white collar criminals, polluters, and sex traffickers IN JAIL and not let them off the hook for their crimes. We send plenty of poor people to jail for minor crimes. It's time we sent a message to these other criminals that have frankly been overlooked and allowed to steal, pollute and traffick our children with impunity. Who's gone to jail for the Flint water crisis? Who's gone to jail for incompetence and wonton disregard for the lives of the people? People in power are not above the law, and it's time we treated them as such!
  • Use Voting Machines with a paper printout that is the only thing counted. These voting machines have too much ability to be manufactured with a slant to one party or the other, or can too easily be hacked. We have to know that our elections are secure, and reflect accurately the will of the people.