"Put The People First" is my campaign slogan because for too long our Representatives in the NC General Assembly have cared more about their big money donors, and what their problems are than they have for the average citizen.

For instance, the middle class pays 50% more in taxes than the rich and corporations do in our state.

What have our taxes been used for? Our public services have been cut, our election system remains unsecured, our children's educations have been threatened, and our teachers and professors have been disrespected and undermined by budget cuts that favor the wealthy and hurt the rest of us.

Our district is one of the fastest growing in the whole of the United States, and the election in 2020 could not be more important. That's why I'm asking you to send me to Raleigh, to show the country that North Carolina can lead the way forward.

Join me in supporting the progressive causes that will make the biggest improvements in the lives of working class and middle class North Carolinians, and help me show America that we stand against racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and injustice.

I pledged from the start of this campaign not to take a dime of big corporate money. I'm relying on small dollar donations from people like you all across the country who share these values, so please give what you can, when you can!

Thank You,

James Rory Dawkins Jr.

I've also partnered with Survivors Lead, a national Gun Violence survivor's advocacy group. They are a great organization, and have given me Candidate Distinction as I have been a survivor of gun violence from the age of 11.

I will do everything I can so that no one has to go through what I went through!