David Stockar

Some acts are never forgotten for justice has no expiration date.

A Portrait of Hazel 

Why did she die on her 25th birthday?

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She died on her birthday in 1985. Her suspicious death remained unsolved. Now one woman discovers the mind-bending truth behind the mystery of the red carnation and risks it all to catch the killer hidden in plain sight.

“Intriguing, multilayered, and original. I love a mystery that keeps me guessing, and Red Carnation holds its secrets close until it’s ready to reveal them. One of my favorite themes in this mystery collection is the author’s skillful interweaving of everyday life with the otherworldly, and that thread shines in this book. Red Carnation has so much to offer, and I relished every bit!”  Heather O’Connor - Author

Detective Molly Dvorak enters the world of cognitive psychology and regression therapy to stumble upon a mystery so profound it will change her forever — turning her beliefs and realities inside out. The cold case of Hazel Faust, frozen in time like a deep-rooted memory, predates her birth. Yet, it feels personal and much too familiar to the one tasked with solving it. What is Molly’s timeless link to this case? Who holds the key that unlocked her subconscious vault, and what demons may be released?

Molly takes center stage with her tenacious investigation of this unique case. In the process, she comes face to face with her own hidden past and the people who trapped her there. To the pleasure of the fates, she is forced into a role not undertaken by any detective before her. What follows is a mind-bending, thought-provoking, page-turner mystery in five acts that Mephistopheles himself helps weave into a devilish plot like no other. 

Red Carnation is the fourth book in The Ethereal Mysteries Series, an original set of thriller novels that blend exciting “who-done-it” detective stories with natural, supernatural, and spiritual mysteries.

“What a tour de force! I loved this story. The plot has numerous twists and turns that kept me guessing. I love the incorporated HC Andersen stories and I’m always enamored of the author’s spiritualistic soliloquies and get a new revelation out of each.”  

-- Susan Robinson - Author


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon - 17 reviews 

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A billionaire heiress drowns. Her body vanishes. The bloody trail winds through a wealthy family flush with suspects and shocking secrets. Yet,  hope rests with one insightful soul — a child in her garden of innocence. 

Margaux Moore, the dynamic heiress and CEO of Moore Metals, juggles a demanding career with her toughest role — mother to five-year-old Adeline who possesses a mysterious and remarkable gift.  As Margaux’s relationship with her husband becomes a living nightmare, she is forced into risking her life to save her precious child. But she makes a grave mistake that will cost her everything.

Detective Molly Dvorak and the team chase their tails in this mystery of seven Hans Christian Andersen fairytales cleverly woven into one chilling, fast-paced thriller. It starts with the Little Mermaid and ends with the Snow Queen (Frozen) and the Last Pearl. But, do not allow the titles to fool you for behind each lies a slew of conniving characters and more than one killer. Like a spinning top, the story will keep you guessing until it stops at a surprise ending that only little Adeline could have predicted — or did she know it all along and no one believed her? 

If you like the character development and twists and turns of Mary Higgins Clark, the classic detective fiction of Agatha Christie, and possess a curiosity about “the great unknown,” you will love this unique and truly original series.

Buy Adeline’s Garden and begin your journey through a world of strong characters and shadowy figures immersed in a real and surreal maze that will leave you guessing until the last domino falls.