Research Interests

PhD - Language, Reading, and Culture

Dissertation - Comprehensibility of Game Rulebooks: Perspectives from a Community of Practice

  • New literacies / multi-modalities such as computer, play, music, film, and digital and traditional games

  • Psycholinguistics, transactional theory, retrospective miscue analysis, inquiry based literacy, and comprehension

  • Sociocultural theory, cultural mediation, situated learning, constructivism, and mentoring

  • Cognitive psychology, memory, creativity, and emotional intelligence

  • Communities of practice, discourse communities, speech acts, and ethnography

  • Social economic status, concerted cultivation, and funds of knowledge

  • Content analysis, linguistic landscapes, Gestalt theory, and semiotics

  • Qualitative methods, constructivist grounded theory, and Delphi Method

  • Curriculum and instruction, gifted education, online education, and technical writing

  • Pragmatism, systems thinking, teacher action research, and educational leadership