Working Papers

[1] Thermal stress and financial distress: Extreme temperatures and firms' loan defaults in Mexico (Sandra Aguilar, Emilio Gutierrez, David Heres, Martin Tobal). Blogs: All about finance, Focoeconómico. Submitted. Working paper. Revise and Resubmit. 

[2] Not by Land or Air: The Rise of Formal Remittances during COVID-19 (Lelys Dinarte, Eduardo Medina-Cortina, Hernan Winkler) World Bank Working Paper. Submitted.  World Bank Blog.

[3] How does the composition of government financing affect the size of crowding out? Evidence from Mexico (Isha Argawal, Everardo Tellez, Martin Tobal)

[4] Do remittances complement or substitute consumption credit? The relevance of heterogeneous effects in the Mexican context (David Heres, Everardo Tellez, Martin Tobal). Working paper


[1]  Occupational Exposure to Capital Embodied Technological Change  (with Julieta Caunedo and Elisa Keller).  American Economic Review, 113 (6): 1642-85, 2023.  Link:  AER. [WEB WITH OUR DATA]

[2] Do Credit Supply Shocks Affect Formal Employment? Evidence from Mexico (With Emilio Gutierrez and Martín Tobal) Working paper, Forthcoming: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. AEJ:EP.

[3] Inequality, income dynamics, and worker transitions: The case of Mexico (with Mariana Calderón, Alfonso Cebreros, León Fernández, Jose Inguanzo, and Daniela Puggioni). Quantitative Economics, 13(4), 1669-1705.  Link: QE

[4] Vertical Differentiation, Risk-Taking and Retail Funding (with Martín Tobal and Renato  Yslas).  Journal of Financial Services Research, 1-21.  Link: JFSR

[5] The effects of teacher strikes on parents (with Alexander Willén).  Journal of Development Economics, 152 (102679), 2021. Link:  JDE

[6] The Labor Market Effects of an Educational Expansion,  Journal of Development Economics, 2021, vol. 149, p. 102619. Link: JDE.

[7] The Long-run Effects of Teacher Strikes: Evidence from Argentina (with Alexander Willén), Journal of Labor Economics, 37(1097-1139), 2019. Link: JOLE

[8] The Evolution of School Segregation in Argentina (with Leonardo Gasparini, Monserrat Serio and Emmanuel Vazquez). Desarrollo Económico , 51(202/203), 2011. Link (1)   CEDLAS WP(2)


[1] Growth, Employment, and Poverty in Latin America (with Gary Fields, Guillermo Cruces and Mariana Viollaz). Oxford University Press,  2017. Links: BookProject.   

Unpublished Manuscripts 

[1] School Segregation Between Public and Private Schools in Latin America (with Malena Arcidiácono, Guillermo  Cruces, Leonardo Gasparini, Monserrat Serio and Emmanuel Vázquez), Sociales 195, Naciones Unidas Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL), 2014.  Link  (Spanish)

[2] Determinants of School Segregation in Argentina. Working Paper Nº 143, CEDLAS, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 2014. Link (Spanish) 

[3] Entrepreneurship in Latin America:  An Study Using Households Surveys (with Pablo Gluzmann and Leonardo Gasparini). Working Paper Nº 137, CEDLAS, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 2012. Link (Spanish)