The Courtney Group

Queen's University Belfast


Dr David Courtney is the Principal Investigator in the Courtney Group, and with a talented group of research scientists and students, we aim to answer fundamental questions on the importance of post-transcriptional regulation of RNAs during the viral replication cycle of influenza A RNAs in eukaryotic cells.


The Courtney lab studies influenza A virus-host interactions with a focus on post-transcriptional regulation of viral RNA by host proteins. We investigate how the virus interacts with the host at a molecular level, and whether these interactions are conserved across multiple species. To this end, we employ a range of molecular virology techniques including CRISPR/Cas9, mass spectrometry and next-generation sequencing. Our research aims to identify host factors that are important for influenza virus replication and spread, which could lead to the development of new antiviral strategies. We are particularly interested in the role of host proteins in regulating viral gene expression, and how this affects the virus’ ability to cause disease. Our research could also reveal new targets for developing antiviral drugs and vaccines. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of influenza research, and our lab is committed to providing a stimulating and collaborative environment for our students and colleagues. Our goal is to use our understanding of influenza virus-host interactions to advance our knowledge of the virus and develop new tools for combatting it.