Humanizing Online STEM Showcase

Dave Dillon, Online Education Coordinator,

Grossmont College.

This site provides examples of instructional resources created in the Humanizing Online STEM Academy, a professional development program funded by the California Education Learning Lab and administered by the Foothill DeAnza Community College District.


Where I was.

I had good working knowledge of Canvas and course design. I was familiar with course tools and humanizing concepts. But I had not yet implemented some of the concepts from the humanizing class into my own course.

Where I am.

I am pleased to have been able to implement a few things from the humanizing class into my own course. I am using the liquid syllabus I made and some of the videos created through Adobe Express in my class.

Where I am going.

I look forward to jumping in head first with more time to further implement themes, concepts, and humanizing culture into my course in the near and far future.

Liquid Syllabus

I will use my liquid syllabus to establish trust and demonstrate that I care about my students' learning before my course begins by making the liquid syllabus, textbook access, and myself available before the course starts.

Image of a course card includes a photo of the ocean

Course Card

I selected the ocean/beach photo because it is my happy place. It keeps me calm and grounded and I like thinking about the peaceful and beautiful sights and sounds. It's also native to San Diego where my college and me are.


My humanizing homepage serves as a kindness cue of social inclusion for students with welcoming language and a friendly introductory video and photo.

Getting to Know You Survey

This survey fits in Modules toward the beginning of what a student will see when they view Modules. Two of the questions are centered on preferred/proper pronunciation of students' names with one of the questions providing an opportunity for students to record their voice saying their name. I will use my students' responses to adapt my teaching by listening, noting, accommodating, and adapting based on their preferences and needs.

Ice Breaker

My Ice Breaker assignment gives students an opportunity to share a value and correlating object that resonates with them. Students then use Flip to share a video of themself or their voice describing their value and object and then respond to their peers. This fosters a sense of belonging by connecting students with each others' real-world experiences.

Wisdom Wall

Following Carol Dweck's growth mindset theory, the Wisdom Wall assignment offers students opportunities to use their voices and fosters metacognition by connecting students with spoken reflections of their learning and portrays ability as a growth process (as opposed to a fixed characteristic).

Bumper Video

The Alternative Assignment Bumper Video fits in my course as an alternative to extra credit and serves as a demonstration of how I value student choice as well as showing students the concept of selecting and completing "alternative assignments." I expect it to improve my students' learning experience by continuing to build trust, demonstrate my passion for their well being and their learning and to provide choices for them.


This microlecture fits within the design of my course as it provides background information and a synopsis on educational planning for students. The learning objective is: Identify the components of an educational plan consistent with meeting major and career goals. I expect this to improve my students' learning experience by having this information upfront to think about, process, and consider, prior to starting their educational planning assignment.