Data Renovation

ABN 54 113 687 784.

Specializing in the design, development and
renovation of data management systems.

Scenario 1: Time to upgrade?

You have a business database developed in a small work area and it's become quite valuable. You decide it's time to upgrade, to bring it into the 'mainstream', but you're not sure where or how to begin? Get in touch - we can help.

Scenario 2: System complexity?

Pulling statistics from your database is becoming ever more complex, or slower, or less reliable. It's probably time to redesign the underlying data structure - the architecture that holds your data together. Our speciality is data modeling. Get in touch - we can help.

Scenario 3: Database overload?

You use your database for daily operations and find you're doing ever more complex analysis and reporting. These two demands can overload your database - it could be time to invest in a data warehouse. A data warehouse will take the load off your operational database and simplify the analysis process. Data warehouses? Get in touch - we can help.

We use Microsoft Office and SQL Server (mostly) and occasionally
MySQL, SAS, Matlab and a bit of 'R' and a just a hint of
ArcGIS, QGIS and Manifold to address your
data management needs.