Basketball Data Analytics Battles

This is a project to get students of all ages to find an interest in the growing field of big data. With nearly every industry integrating big data, we created "Data Analytics Battles" to have interests of younger children to get them to try out data analytics.

NCAA Basketball Statistics 2013-2017.xlsx

With the information above you are tasked with finding an algorithm(s) to find a set of NCAA teams to find an effective bracket. Based on this, the algorithm(s) should be as simple, or complicated, as you see fit. Just download the information and create your own personal algorithm you believe will give you the best chance.

Example Algorithms:

  • (Wins) (Highest 3 point %)
  • (Total Rebounds) (Total Assists) (Least Turnovers per Game)
  • (Wins Against 25 RPI teams) ( Total Offensive Rebounds) (Assist to Turnover Ratio) (Free Throws Attempted)

If you are wanting to verse other teams of 1-4 people, use the form above to both register and turn in the algorithm(s).