Memorize Data Science & Python (Flashcards)

What is this?

A place to learn Python and Data Science how you'd learn another natural language such as Spanish or Chinese: Use flashcards, memorize the 'grammar,' the 'words,' and everything else.

Why do the flashcards include questions with texts?

Programming is crucial, but learning how to ask the proper questions and find the answers on places like StackOverflow is also vital. You need to speak English and ask things like 'how to loop over a data frame to get...'


Flashcards are in the app Brainscape and the code in Google Colab ipynb.

About me:

I'm Juan Torregrosa P. I started to program when I was 40 (2017). I started learning Python because I was (and I am) working for Chinese Internet companies, so I had to analyze their apps KPIs, ASO, etc. I began with DataCamp Data Science course, which I liked though it has its issues, and now it is a bit pricey.

One of the important things I've learn using Python is to appreciate flat files using rows and columns. The Flaschards method is actually that: two columns (Q&A) and a series of rows.